Her 10 Glowy-Skin Secrets: No Alcohol and an Easy Routine

Written by: Emma Brophy


Published on: January 30, 2024


She’s designed clothing collections, starred on a TV show, authored a book, birthed two children, modeled for countless magazine covers, and shared many of her experiences with the world on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, but London-based Millie Mackintosh says that quitting drinking 18 months ago has been one of the most powerful shifts she’s made. “Ditching alcohol has without a doubt been the best thing I’ve done for myself, my mental health, and general well-being,” says the 34-year-old mom of Sienna, three, and Aurelia, two. “It was hard work at first and sometimes still feels difficult, but saying no to things that no longer serve me creates space in my life for things that bring me joy. I care less about what people think of me—and have a lot less anxiety.”

Her skin reflects the change, too: “It’s definitely more glowy,” she says. “I certainly no longer miss my skin routine due to a late night or a hangover in the morning.” Here, her best tips for amping up glow—with clean skin essentials as well as lifestyle changes.

1. Relax and Depuff in the Morning

“I do some guided breathwork and meditation before my kids are up, then swipe on these eye masks as I’m getting ready and making breakfast for us. They’re so good for soothing tired, puffy eyes. I always travel with them, but when I’m at home, I keep them in the fridge for an extra-cooling effect.”

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2. Laser Treatment Every Night

“I use this at-home laser every evening. I glide it over my skin while catching up on my favorite shows or reading a self-development book (I’m into habit stacking). I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin texture, breakouts, scarring, and dark spots.”

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3. Sweat a Lot

“I really crave the endorphin rush from exercise. I do strength sessions at the gym and take hot yoga or Karve Pilates classes. I also love the infrared sauna and started cryotherapy earlier this year, which I’m trying to do twice a week.”

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4. Insist on Fancy Drinks

“Some evenings I go out with girlfriends. I’ve discovered so many great nonalcoholic alternatives. I love a virgin mojito with no sugar or a Remedy kombucha in a fancy glass with ice. Wild Idol, Three Spirit, and Noughty have really great-tasting options as well.”

5. Sober Dancing Is Actually Amazing

“I love to go. Both ecstatic dance and 5Rhythms classes make me feel so unbelievably free.”


6. Add Pops of Color

“On the days I’m not filming content, I keep my makeup and hair super simple. But either way, I always keep a couple of these in my handbag. I like to mix up the shades depending on my mood—most days I love something subtle (Peony or clear), but sometimes you can’t beat a pop of red (Tomato).”

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7. Spend Extra Time with Family

“Most afternoons I do something with my girls. They’re so little—I know we won’t have as much time together once school starts. We go for walks, to the park, swimming, or to an art class before heading home for dinner and a cuddle on the sofa while watching a little Disney before bath and bedtime. On Saturday mornings, my oldest daughter, Sienna, and I make banana pancakes; there’s usually music playing, and the whole family sits around the table together.”

8. Stack Your Habits

“I like to walk in nature while listening to a podcast or stroll while catching up with a friend and sipping a hot chocolate.”

9. Drink Your Glow

“I’ve been adding this in my water bottle midmorning for a little energy boost. I know it’s working from the inside out.”

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10. Sleep Well

“I start my evening routine by nine so I can get my eight hours of sleep. My favorite way to unwind is a long soak with these bath salts—so calming. Once I’m out of the bath, I lather on this body butter—it’s so thick and hydrating. My skin craves it, especially during the colder months.”

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