7 Favorite Clean Beauty Essentials From: Alicia Lund

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: November 1, 2022


After a career as a fashion editor at ELLE, Alicia Lund launched her much-obsessed-over style blog in 2009, covering everything from beauty, design, and travel to—as her life evolved—being a mom. Now the busy Sacramento-based Lund has launched Wrel, a seasonal collection of lifestyle essentials that she curates, featuring her favorite California makers (it is so good). Her skin glows—she loves clean beauty—and here are a few reasons why.


goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator

goop, $125/$112 with subscription

This has been my go-to for years—it’s such a good one for a powerful yet gentle exfoliation that leaves my skin glowing. I keep it in the shower and use it daily, usually in the evening as part of my nighttime routine. I love that it sloughs everything off and leaves my skin feeling smooth and prepped for my serums.


Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick

goop, $68

I’m very minimal when it comes to makeup; I’ve grown to really love all things Westman Atelier because they’re super buildable and easy to bring on the go. I love the foundation stick for light but buildable coverage (I just use it sparingly where needed most days).


Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick

goop, $48

The blush is a great one to keep in your bag for a quick color touch-up on your cheeks (or lips).


Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick

goop, $48

The highlight stick is my little trick for glowy skin. Also, it adds just a little extra something for evening makeup.


goop Beauty GOOPGLOW 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel

goop, $125/$112 with subscription

My handy trick for when my face is feeling dull or just in need, which is usually once a week. It’s a deeper overnight glycolic treatment, so it tingles a little—which I actually love, because I know it’s working. I leave it on through the night, and if I have any breakouts, I’m always amazed that I wake up and everything is clearer and brighter.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum

goop, $320

This is my ultimate hyaluronic acid for hydration—it’s been a hero product for me for years—and the first step in my routine after cleansing. It’s one of those products where I always notice a difference in my skin after I use it.


goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Cloudberry Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser

goop, $35/$25 with subscription

This is a newer one in my daily routine—I love it for a very gentle exfoliating face wash in the mornings. I really love the feel of this one.

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