Face Oil for all face types

3 Face Oils, 3 Staffers

It’s tempting to think of face oil as binary: Does your skin love it or hate it? But oils are at least as varied in terms of their effects, and in terms of the skin types they’re good for, as moisturizers or cleansers. With that in mind, three goop staffers—Ali in fashion, Michelle in art, and Ana in the goop kitchen—with differing degrees of combination skin each road-tested a different face oil.

Ana Hito

| associate food editor

Skin Type: Combination

Oil: Votary Super Seed Facial Oil

Ana Hito

“I was worried an oil would make the oily parts of my skin even worse, but it had the exact opposite effect. Somehow, it balanced my skin out, so the dry is less dry, and the oily less oily. I love this oil! I don’t really wear makeup—makeup and cooking in a hot kitchen is sort of a gross combination—so this oil is my version of makeup. I put it on after I wash my face in the morning, and it pulls everything together a little.”

  • Votary Super Seed Facial Oi Votary Super Seed Facial Oilgoop, $110

    Twenty-one seed oils—including grape, pumpkin, chia, camellia, blueberry, carrot, and broccoli—combine in this powerful rejuvenating face oil. Amazing for dry and sensitive skin, the fragrance-free blend is calming, leaving skin deeply hydrated.

Ali Pew

| fashion director

Skin Type: Normal to oily

Oil: Herbivore Phoenix Cell Regenerating Facial Oil

Ali Pew

“My skin’s pretty normal but gets a bit oily. I’m always a little shiny, and I embrace it. The Phoenix oil was very brightening and evened out my skin tone. I especially love it because it has an orange tint to it, and my skin has a slight orange tone, so it really blended well.”

  • Herbivore Phoenix Cell Regenerating Facial Oil Herbivore Phoenix Cell Regenerating Facial Oilgoop, $88

    Packed with botanical oils and CoQ10* to hydrate, aid in boosting collagen production, and help regenerate skin at the cellular level, this potent combination of rose hip, sea buckthorn, neroli, and meadowfoam oils softens the appearance of wrinkles and helps repair damage and reduce the appearance of veins and capillaries. It also smells absolutely fantastic.

    *CoQ10 is found naturally in our cells (we produce less as we age) and contributes to collagen production, elasticity, smoothness, and glow.

Michelle Park

| art director

Skin type: Combination

Oil: OSKIA Restoration Oil

Michelle Park

“I’ve always felt that a face oil would be too heavy, so I started out using the Oskia only around my eyes and cheeks. I waited for adverse reactions like breakouts and bumps, but to my surprise, only good things happened: Next-level hydration, smoother skin, and I felt like it even helped my breakouts. The scent is luxurious, and the oil feels so good—even my boyfriend has jumped on the face-oil train.”

  • OSKIA Restoration Oil OSKIA Restoration Oilgoop, $95

    Oils and extracts like sea fennel, turmeric, rose hip, and evening primrose combine in this nourishing face oil that’s as effective for dry and normal skin as it is for the breakout-prone. It smells incredible, firms, hydrates, and replenishes our natural moisture barrier, helping restore skin’s natural, youthful vitality.

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