10 Ways to Look (and Feel) Instantly More Awake

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”
—Roald Dahl

A night of less sleep—or more alcohol, or more late-night email, or time on the red-eye—than is ideal can seriously affect the flow of good thoughts and their ability to shine through. Cold water to the face, a glass of green juice, and a shot of caffeine all help. That said, a non-toxic beauty cabinet is full of super-effective, decidedly pleasurable ways to clear the cobwebs so you feel—and look—as full of energy as humanly possible. Here, the secret weapons that get us through:

1A dry brush. Beyond simply exfoliating, this practice will get your whole system going.

The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush

The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush

goop, $15

This genius long-handled, natural-bristle brush allows you to thoroughly dry-brush every part of your body—especially your back, which feels particularly amazing (and is uniquely hard to reach). It’s also the perfect balance of soft and firm, designed to gently exfoliate and condition skin. Brilliant for detoxing, and equally brilliant for everyday skin-smoothing.

3A citrusy or foresty shower. Real (as opposed to synthetic) citrus or forest-based oils are beautifully invigorating.

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

Los Poblanos Pinon Bar

goop, $12.00

This bar smells like the air in the mountains of New Mexico. It cleanses beautifully and thoroughly, and the fresh, woodsy scent is truly like no other.

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

Beautycounter Body Wash in Citrus Mimosa

goop, $24

This body wash (which we use as a hand wash as well) is subtly scented, meaning it leaves absolutely nothing behind. It doesn’t strip skin, either.

2Essential oils: Rosemary, ylang ylang, ginger, and mint (among others) can wake you right up. Dab on these blends at your wrists, or between your fingers and toes—or diffuse them into the air.

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

Uma Pure Energy Wellness Oil

goop, $85

Smooth on this beautifully invigorating, aromatherapeutic oil whenever you feel like you need a boost or just to get started in the morning: the combination of rosemary and peppermint smells incredible.

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

Naturopathica Re-Boot Aromatic Alchemy

goop, $28

A combination of invigorating lemongrass, peppermint, and holy basil—used in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s perfect for a scalp massage, scrubbed on during a shower with a washcloth, or simply inhaled (smooth a few drops between your palms and breathe deeply).

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

goop, $119

This gorgeous, ceramic aromatherapy oil diffuser is handcrafted and works as a stunningly simple piece of home decor at the same time that it softly streams essential-oil-infused steam into any room. Ingeniously, it’s got longevity and safety off-switches, so it’s worry free. One of the most gentle, beautiful, life-enhancing ways to scent your home we know.

4Face wash with essential oils. Oils designed to awaken (cedar, spearmint, lime, lemon, rosemary, black spruce, owyhee, vetiver, and lavender) also happen to be amazing for skin.

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

goop, $28

A brilliant foaming gel cleanser that delivers a thorough and invigorating cleanse, plus a hit of AHA/BHA exfoliation, without stripping your skin of moisture for clear, healthy-looking skin. It has to be best-smelling face wash on earth—it’s a mix of cedar, spearmint, lime, lemon, rosemary, black spruce, vetiver, and lavender oils, among others. You will love it, your significant other will steal it—it’s just great.

5Cool, smoothing eye cream. Not only does it feel incredible, a great eye cream depuffs and makes concealer go on much easier (truly, no professional makeup artist ever starts makeup without it).

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

goop by Juice Beauty Perfecting Eye Cream

goop, $28

The Perfecting Eye Cream deeply hydrates and soothes the delicate eye area, softening the appearance of fine lines. Richly emollient, it plumps skin for a more youthful appearance. Formulated with olive butter, sandalwood nut oil, and powerful peptides, this high-tech formula delivers immediate and ongoing results.

6Natural cream blush. Dab just a bit of cream or gel color (the most natural) at the apples of your cheeks and on your lips to enliven.

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

Tata Harper Lip and Cheek Tint

goop, $36

Strictly natural pigments and added anti-aging elements earn these hard working two-in-ones pride of place in every purse, desk drawer, and makeup cabinet. Whether applied to cheeks or lips, the color goes on sheer for a natural yet sexy, flushed look.  

7 Judicious concealer, only where needed. Brush it only onto the discoloration you want to correct, then lightly pat to blend.

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

goop, $36

This moisturizing cover-up smoothes blemishes and blends easily, leaving flawless skin behind. 

8Black eye pencil only at the roots of the lashes. The day you’re tired is not the day for the smoky eye, the cat-eye, or really any other sort of statement. Keep it clean and fresh by just using liner to define the lashline—it opens up your whole face.

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Precision Eye Pencil

goop, $20

Deeply pigmented, rich, and creamy, this soft pencil defines with incredible precision and blends effortlessly, making the perfect cat-eye, smoky eye, or rocker-chic drama incredibly easy. Made with pure, intense plant pigments full of antioxidants, it’s brilliant day or night, no matter what look you’re going for. No sharpening required: simply twist up to reveal more (intense, ultra-flattering) color. 

9 A flick of black or dark-brown mascara. Since you’ve already created definition with the liner, you need fewer coats of mascara—so you look more natural and end up with fewer smudges.

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascaram

goop, $22

You won’t believe this mascara is as clean, natural, and organic as it is: The intense pigment, high shine, and serious volume-building capability rivals that of any conventional mascara. Plus, it leaves lashes lush, long, and feathery-soft without the toxic chemicals commonly used in conventional mascara; the formula is ultra-smooth and glides right on. GP’s personal tip: Smooth on one coat, wait a few seconds for it to dry, then build color and length with a second coat for a look that instantly wakes up your whole face. 

10Face oil over makeup. The moment your energy really starts to go south and you think you might need to reapply makeup, pat oil onto your face, avoiding your eyes, give it a second, and it will recharge your makeup (and your spirits) as it sinks in.

12 (Clean) Ways to Make Your Hair Shinier

goop by Juice Beauty Enriching Face Oil

goop, $110

This nourishing, potent miracle oil sinks instantly into skin and starts to work. Made with a pure blend of organic oils, it leaves skin remarkably supple, soft, and glowing. It turbo-charges any moisturizer, but also hydrates beautifully on its own. It can even be patted on over makeup for a midday pick-me-up. The Enriching Face Oil is formulated with USDA-certified organic ingredients and contains approximately 99% total organic content.