Yay, FDA: Antibacterial Soaps Banned

We’re thrilled to hear that the FDA has banned a number of toxic chemicals—triclosan and tricarban in particular—used in antibacterial hand washes and soaps, and they’re investigating hand sanitizers and wipes. The chemicals are known hormone disrupters, and proven contributors to the rise in drug-resistant infections; the fact that they’re widely used on children makes them especially problematic. The FDA cited the chemicals’ potential dangers as the reason for the ban, along with the fact that the formulas are no more effective at preventing infections than plain soap and water. They’re investigating a group of secondary chemicals often used in antibacterial hand washes; stay tuned. And in the meanwhile: Skip anything labeled antibacterial in favor of good, clean, hand wash (we love Common Good), or, on a plane or on the go, hand cleansers from Dr. Bronners, Burt’s Bees, and Tammy Fender.