Optimizing Essential-Oil Absorption

Optimizing Essential-Oil Absorption

Who doesn’t love a foot massage? Whether as a moment of self-care or a few minutes of parent-child bonding that even the snarliest teenager will look forward to, a foot rub is an easy, powerful way to connect with anyone you’re caring for. The feel-good human contact benefits are many, but even the most slapdash massage can tap into

centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom and the power of essential oils. Shrankla Holecek, whose family has grown and blended essential oils in India for hundreds of years, taught us this short ritual to maximize the benefits of oil blends. We love her Pure Calm oil just before bed, but Pure Energy is pretty fantastic first thing in the morning (or after a dry brush and a shower), and Pure Bliss is decidedly happy-making, any time of day.

Designed to optimize both the transdermal (through the skin) and the olfactory (the sense of smell, connecting to the limbic brain) absorption of the oils, these seven steps take two minutes, tops.



Gently rub the skin between your toes to warm it.


Take four to five drops of oil and massage between your toes, spending about three to five seconds between each toe. (The skin is thinnest and thus most absorptive there.)


With the oil still on your fingers and palms, now massage the bottoms of your feet, spending about thirty seconds on each foot.


Move on to your inner wrists and gently massage with your thumb; spend about ten to fifteen seconds on each wrist. (The skin at the inner wrists is also very thin.)


Next, massage for fifteen seconds behind your ears, using your forefingers in a circular motion.


Gently massage your temples and forehead, using your forefingers in circular motions, for ten seconds.


Finally, cup your palms over your nose and mouth and take five deep inhalations. This final step triggers the olfactory therapeutic benefits.