Ask Jean: Is There Such a Thing as Green/Clean Gum?

Dear Jean, Gum doesn’t seem like a beauty product—except it’s the only thing that keeps me slim during the holidays. But most of it seems downright toxic. Is there such a thing as green/clean gum? —E.L.

There is! In the aisles of Whole Foods (and online), look for the chic, beauty-product-esque white boxes of Simply Gum. It’s got six ingredients total, all of them natural. It comes in beyond-delicious flavors. The texture is slightly different—oddly, more like actual food—than regular old artificial kind, but the flavors are 1,000 times better. The Spearmint is my favorite all-around every day, breath-improving go-to, but for the I’m-hungry-what-can-I-eat moment(s), I live for the Maple, which might sound weird but is actually the best idea ever. Coffee sounds even crazier, and yet is delicious. Ginger, Cinnamon, Fennel: All also insanely good. Life-changing for the person who simply must chew something, especially in this surrounded-by-food season. BONUS: One of the cuter stocking stuffers out there.