Photo Courtesy of Ally Chloe

The Perfect Finish:
A Face Powder for Radiant Skin

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Face powder is polarizing. Some people dust it on every morning as a makeup-and-complexion-perfecting way to remain calm, composed, and matte (looking) all day. Others, less into matte and more into glow, are less devoted.

But this silky, translucent mineral powder glistens with light-reflecting particles that give every skin tone, from dark to fair, a beautiful radiance. Brush it on lightly and it instantly rouses skin, simultaneously softening the look of bumps or blemishes and setting makeup. It adds a gleamy, sexy flourish at your collarbone, and smoothed over the undereye area, it blurs imperfections. (Pro tip: Use the small end of the double-ended brush to sweep the formula over concealer to really minimize creasing.) And whether your preferred look is super matte or smothered in face oil, it always creates the perfect finish.

Here, three staffers on why they love it:

Sarah Carr | email marketing coordinator
Sarah Carr email marketing coordinator

“Nothing makes my skin look more like a dry, ancient ceramic artifact than face powder. But this is so much lighter than anything I’ve ever tried. It feels cooling when you brush it on, and the product itself looks more like glistening mineral dust than powder. It works with my skin tone rather than trying to change it. Even when I’m going for a more matte look, I still want to look dewy, and this powder is so light, it lets the glow shine through. The best part: It floats above those lines, finally giving me the ‘I’m a walking retouched photo’ look I’ve been longing for.”

Diana Ryu | director of content operations
Diana Ryu

“After months of being so happy with my skin, this week I’m in breakout hell. Normally, I use an extra-dewy CC cushion, but the shiny, wet formula illuminates the blemishes on my chin. This morning, I dusted this powder over my chin and jawline with the double-sided brush, and instantly, my skin looked beautifully matte and less broken out.”

Micere Johnson | editorial assistant
Micere Johnson

“I smooth on face oil in the morning, which can leave me looking crazy-shiny by the time I apply foundation. Now I brush a bit of this over the high points of my face—cheeks, forehead, bridge of my nose—to blur the shiny areas into a dewy finish. The powder feels so silky on and instantly blends into my skin, and I love that it’s vegan and cruelty-free.”