Sundress (No-Makeup) Makeup

Sundress (No-Makeup) Makeup

The easy, natural feeling of ambling down the beach in a sundress, the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face, is hard to beat. We saw these pictures of model/mom Elaine Irwin in our Chelle sundress and instantly wanted the easy makeup, the relaxed energy, and, of course, the gorgeous dress.

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    For the former, start with amazing skin care (including SPF) all over. Then smooth out skin (and protect it further) with our favorite mineral tinted moisturizer—it’s one of those formulas that, once discovered, is hard to live without. Beautycounter Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage Beautycounter Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage goop, $45

    This glowy, translucent, instantly perfecting SPF 20 tinted moisturizer has to be the ultimate no-makeup makeup of all time. It’s less about masking flaws and more about looking and feeling like you—but better. The delicate, deeply hydrating formula smooths in like a dream; zinc oxide soothes and protects all day; black currant, peony-root extract, and vitamin C address age spots and enhance brightness; and powerful moisturizers leave you with firmer, smoother-looking skin. If you’re looking for major coverage, this is not your product—but we guarantee it makes anyone’s skin look instantly more beautiful. It’s so sheer that different shades work for many different skin tones.

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    Beyond protected, moisturized, and beautifully evened-out skin, a natural flush of color at your lips and cheeks from a gorgeously translucent stain is flattering on pretty much anyone. Balmyard Baby Love Lip and Cheek Tint Balmyard Baby Love Lip and Cheek Tint goop, $32

    This sexy, just-pinched lip and cheek color gets its gorgeous pigment from Caribbean hibiscus; the color is buildable from a sheer flush to a deep stain. Made with deeply nourishing coconut oil and cocoa butter, it’s also super moisturizing.

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    Eyeliner isn’t exactly no-makeup makeup, but it’s a brilliant way to define and emphasize your eyes without coats and coats of mascara. On the upper outer third of your lashes, ink little dots of liner between the lashes. Smooth and fix mistakes with a Q-tip, then add a single coat of mascara if you like. W3ll People Expressionist Liquid Liner W3ll People Expressionist Liquid Liner goop, $18

    This incredible (clean, nontoxic) liquid liner is as brilliant for a great cat-eye swoop as it is for subtle, natural eye definition. It’s blackest black and incredibly easy to apply—focus on the base of the lashes and work outward. After a few minutes of play when you can easily wipe away mistakes, it sets and lasts better than most conventional chemical eyeliners: It doesn’t smudge, flake, or fade away, and it’s water-resistant. Miraculously, because it’s made with skin-calming organic rosemary oil, it’s great for people with sensitive skin, eyes, or both. Whether you love dramatic liner or practically none, this is the one for you. Tip: Subtly applied liquid liner means you need fewer coats of mascara to define your eyes.

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    A flick (and no more) of mascara will draw attention to your eyes but keep the look fresh, without clumps or smudges—this one is our all-time favorite. Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara goop, $24

    You won’t believe this mascara is as clean, natural, and organic as it is: The intense pigment, high shine, and serious volume-building capability rival that of any conventional mascara. Plus, it leaves lashes lush, long, and feathery soft without the toxic chemicals commonly used in conventional mascara. The formula is ultrasmooth and clump-free, and it doesn’t smudge or flake. GP’s personal tip: Smooth on one coat, wait a few seconds for it to dry, then build color and length with a second coat for a look that instantly wakes up your whole face.

  • The Dress

    G.Label Chelle Corset Dress G.Label Chelle Corset Dress G.Label Chelle Corset Dress goop, $595

    Up top, a structured bodice with corset-like seams and cups; below, a calf-length gathered skirt complete with side-seam pockets; throughout, tonal topstitching to highlight the details and a hot-sauce-colored cotton that’s exceptionally flattering. To seal the deal, the functional buttons on this easy, going-out-friendly dress can be adjusted to show as much leg or décolletage—or both—as you like.