No-Makeup Makeup Trick: Barely-There Blush

No-Makeup Makeup Trick:
Barely-There Blush

No matter your skin tone, a subtle flush—think of the gorgeous warmth your skin exudes after a jog or demanding yoga class—flatters just about everyone. In fact, numerous studies show that women with rosy undertones (no matter what their ethnicity) are perceived as more attractive, healthier, and younger. So blush is a pretty-incredible secret weapon, a skin-enhancing flourish that manages to shift appearance in a way that’s both significant and low-key.

It’s also brilliantly simple to put on: Dab (or brush—the same principles work no matter what the formula) pigment at the apples of your cheeks—this is where blood flow goes naturally, so it just looks right—then blend at a slightly upward angle for a chiseling effect. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

The beauty of a cream or stain is in its translucence—to us, it melts more easily into skin—and looks fresh and hydrating. There are fewer rules as far as what color to choose than you might suspect; these three here work on a wide variety of skin tones. We’ve given a rough guideline re: who it looks best on, but don’t feel confined by them:

Profile picture dark skin dark hair Profile picture olive skin dark hair Profile picture warm skin dark hair

Deep Blackberry

For: Pretty much every skin tone

The color may look intense in the pot (and you can definitely layer it on to intensify), but goop editors of every different skin tone wear it. If you’re pale, the tiniest dab will do; if you’re dark, it instantly warms up skin—either way, it’s just gorgeous.

Profile picture light skin light hair Profile picture light skin dark hair Profile picture light skin medium hair

Brick Pink

For: Pale to medium

An irresistible sheen with nude and brown undertones that’s subtle—and amazingly flattering.

Profile picture dark skin dark hair Profile picture light skin light hair Profile picture dark skin dark hair

Hot Pink

For: Almost all skin tones

Hot pink is counterintuitively natural-looking on skin. Somehow it adds the juiciest, prettiest flush—very just-went-for-a-jog—when applied sheer.

Some makeup artists like to add a dash of blush to the tip of the nose, they say it adds a youthful touch to skin; others love a touch of it just under the brows and just under the chin. And the combination of the same pigment on the lips and cheeks is deeply flattering.

For the ultimate natural, no-makeup glow, don’t scoop a ton of product. A dab should last for hours—each of the above blushes is sheer-ish, but can be layered to full-on drama, feels weightless, and is packed with skin-nourishing extracts in place of the toxic synthetic dyes, preservatives, and emulsifiers that spike conventional makeup. Smooth with your fingers, work any extra into your lips, and often, you’ll find you need little else on your face.