The New Secret to Glowing “Vacation Skin”

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: April 28, 2024

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Here at goop, we’re known, in part at least, for glow—the kind that comes from taking incredible care of your skin. And our new Summertone Bronzing Gel does just that. “It boosts your skin with antioxidants and hydration and, at the same time, delivers the most natural-looking sun-kissed glow,” says Gwyneth.

The translucent color works on multiple skin tones (we avoided shimmer altogether). It builds easily from sheer to deep. Lasts all day. And washes off in seconds.

“It’s summer in a chic little tube,” says Gwyneth. “You get this fresh, healthy glow, like you just came back from a day in the sun.”

The moisturizing, skin-boosting gel melts effortlessly into skin and never streaks. It’s instant back-from-vacation color—without the sun damage.

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    Summertone Bronzing Gel

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Why We’re Obsessed with This Bronzer

Easiest, most natural color.

Infused with four powerful natural antioxidants, the shimmerless gel leaves your skin with a remarkably natural-looking sun-buffed tint. It isn’t a self-tanner—it’s DHA-free—so the sunny bronze lasts only as long as you want it to, then washes off easily. And it layers effortlessly, from a subtle wash of color into deeper bronze.

A single shade flatters multiple skin tones.

The sheer formula lets your skin shine through for a truly natural look. Use as much or as little as you like (see photos for reference), depending on the look that works best with your skin and style.

Made with clean, good-for-skin ingredients.

The moisturizing tint was designed to live right at the intersection of skin care and makeup. The four antioxidants—yerba mate, red algae astaxanthin, vitamin E, and green coffee bean caffeine extract—help protect skin and fight free radical damage. And sugarcane-derived squalane hydrates and calms stressed skin.

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Key Ingredients

Yerba mate:

The potent adaptogen helps fight free radicals and boost collagen production.

Red algae astaxanthin:

The powerful antioxidant helps reduce damage from pollution and sun.

Green coffee bean caffeine extract:

Smooths skin and fights free radical damage.

Sugarcane-derived squalane:

The skin-barrier-supporting moisturizer calms and hydrates.

Vitamin E:

The nourishing antioxidant hydrates and protects against free radical damage.

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2 Easy Ways to Get Vacation Skin

Vacation skin is glowing, hydrated, smooth, plump, tan, a little flushed, and just-back-from-vacation relaxed. Top LA makeup artist Maddie North—who created the looks you see here—says there are two ways to achieve the best natural-looking sun-kissed finish.

Smooth the bronzer all over your face with your fingers.

For an easy allover glow, start with moisturizer or face oil, North says. “Moisturized skin just looks better, and moisturizer helps makeup go on easier and last longer. Always make it your first step. Then apply the gel all over with your fingers or a brush.”

Or focus it where the sun would naturally hit.

“It’s also easy to spot-apply at your cheeks, brow bones, hairline, across the nose, jawline, and neck,” says North. “Again, use a brush or your fingers.”

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How to Brush It on Where the Sun Would Hit

North shares her four simple steps below.

how to use summertone bronzer

Hairline and temples

“Start at your forehead and buff into your hairline and at your temples. Really get into the hairline—that’s what makes it look natural.”



“Start at the level of the tops of your ears and blend down toward your mouth.”


Bridge of the nose

“Apply a little here to bring the whole look together and make it look as if you’ve been in the sun.”


Jawline and neck

“Blend at your jaw and chin so there are no harsh lines—you can continue down your neck if you like.”

4 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your Glow

  1. easy brush for a natural finish

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  2. cheek colors for a healthy flush

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  3. exfoliate for radiance

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  4. hydrate for plumped skin

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Get the goop glow (no sun required).