Inside a Makeup Artist's Totally Clean Kit

Inside a Makeup Artist’s Totally Clean Kit

Spend even five minutes with makeup artist Katey Denno, and you won’t be surprised to hear that before she did makeup, she spent almost ten years as a social worker: She’s one of the warmest people we know, not to mention one of the more socially conscious. Looking at the natural, just-been-for-a-jog makeup she favors, though, and you might be surprised to hear that she got her start helping her male-to-female transgender clients do makeup when she worked at one of the nation’s first HIV clinics. “I only knew makeup from this transformative, redrawing-the-face kind of perspective, so I assumed that was going to be my direction,” Denno says.

But it turned out a different skill from her former career was in even higher demand: The ability to enter a room and maintain the calm. “I’m pretty well-versed in keeping the vibe chill and positive,” she says. A red-carpet appearance is a far cry from the situations in ERs and women’s shelters that she once navigated, but a still presence and an ability to nurture apply to all of them.

“Makeup is confidence you carry in your purse—I read that in Sassy magazine when I think I was 14 and I’ve never forgotten it,” says Denno. She engineered her career switch by contacting and offering to assist all the great makeup artists she looked up to, and the change has proven to meld her artistic and nurturing sides perfectly: She regularly works with top photographers, supermodels, and celebrities, on red carpets, in magazines like Vogue, V, Glamour, ELLE, and Nylon, and of course, goop. The look she loves is light and natural: “Sheer cheek color, curled lashes—healthy and pretty, like you just went running or came in from a yoga class,” she says.

Denno’s expertise goes well beyond just what looks good in a picture: She’s been into clean beauty as long as we have: “A friend of mine had cancer, and was getting chemo, and I felt so helpless, and the thing I figured out to do—you just need something to do, to hang onto to try to help—was, hey, I’m a makeup artist, I can investigate these things you’re putting on your skin.” As she investigated, Denno connected with RMS founder Rosemary Swift: “She really schooled me in everything,” she says. “Then I got offered a chance to work with Tata Harper at an event with domestic violence victims—my agent was like, no one wants to do this, and I was like, I’m there! I met Spirit Demerson of Spirit Beauty Lounge, and things sort of snowballed: I knew I wanted to be an expert in this realm.”

Today, she uses only clean products, testing new ones constantly and reporting the results on her blog, The Beauty of It Is. She’s also moved to LA. “I sit on my terrace in the hills surrounded by lemon, orange, grapefruit, and fig trees, and I know this is how I want to live,” she says. Here, her eight all-time, always-reach-for, client-obsession, use-constantly clean favorites:

Inside a Makeup Artist's Totally Clean Kit

Kosas Weightless Lip Color in Thrillest

goop, $24

“This color is for when I feel bold—it’s the perfect orangey-red. The line’s founder, Sheena Yaitanes, combines her background in biology with painting/color theory—her textures are weightless yet very moisturizing, packed with butters and oils, densely pigmented, and formulated to be buildable.”

Inside a Makeup Artist's Totally Clean Kit

ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner in Nobody’s Baby

goop, $26

“Nobody’s Baby has been a favorite of mine from the start. It’s the perfect shade of pink to bring a little extra color to my lips, and sheer and hydrating just enough to make it my favorite to tap onto my cheeks as well. Ilia creator Sasha Plasvic one of the first in the US to make luxury nontoxic lipstick. I’ve always been a big fan.”

Inside a Makeup Artist's Totally Clean Kit

ila Face Oil for Glowing Radiance

goop, $118

“This oil was introduced to me by my friend and all-things-green-beauty advisor Spirit Demerson. Years ago she gave me a bottle and said: ‘This is the best face oil on the market if you really want to be hydrated and glowy.’ Enough said.”

Inside a Makeup Artist's Totally Clean Kit

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift

goop, $55

“This eye mask really does reduce puffiness; I love having these on hand in my makeup kit for red-carpet clients. It’s a treat for the delicate skin around the eye, and it’s amazing under concealer. Plus, it’s such an interesting product—a fun little science experiment you can do in your bathroom!”

Inside a Makeup Artist's Totally Clean Kit

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

goop, $77

“I was totally drawn into this product line because of the beautiful packaging, but I keep coming back because of their ingredients. This has calming pumpkin enzymes; a special peptide to smooth skin; and sea algae extract to hydrate and soothe. Can’t go wrong with any of that!”

Inside a Makeup Artist's Totally Clean Kit

Herban Essentials Lavender Towelettes

goop, $16

“I crave each of the essential oil scents packed into these individually wrapped little wipes, at different times, for different reasons: Orange, lemon, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Because of essential-oil expert Hope Gillerman, I know that essential oils have immense benefits. I keep them in my purse, my wallet, my car, my makeup kit…they’re always within reach.”

Inside a Makeup Artist's Totally Clean Kit

goop by Juice Beauty Exfoliating Instant Facial

goop, $125

“I love anything that helps sweep away dead skin cells to leave skin its most luminous. This mask does it quickly, and leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft, and does it all while using 85 percent organic, 100 percent non-toxic ingredients.”

Inside a Makeup Artist's Totally Clean Kit

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

goop, $36

“This little round pot of product is still my favorite, least-expensive option for concealer and foundation in one. It’s easy to transport, super easy to apply with fingers/brush/sponge, and it’s light and buildable, so you can use it sparingly for a sheer wash of coverage, or really pack it on to cover that new, hurty outbreak you’ve been slowly watching take hold.”