Bobbi Brown's Amazing New Book

Bobbi Brown’s Amazing New Book

Bobbi Brown's Amazing New Book

Jean Godfrey-June is our beauty editor, but her enthusiasms are many. This is a new column she’s trying out…

The beauty guru/wildly successful entrepreneur/bestselling author/mom of three Bobbi Brown is full of good ideas; the one that sticks in my head yet I somehow have never managed to implement is brilliant: Buy only one type of sock for all your kids, and never again search for missing halves of pairs of socks.

Bobbi’s new book, Beauty from the Inside Out, is packed with her incredibly powerful, sensible, beautiful advice, from easy, healthy recipes to amazing insights on how meditating turns back the aging clock.

There are also seriously good makeup, skin, workout, and even dermatologist-procedure tips, along with short profiles of women she thinks are cool. One of those is 68-year-old model/nutritionist Maye Musk (single mom of three kids, one of them Elon Musk), who promises us that her “60’s are great,” encapsulating the feel-good, practical ethos of this book: Take care of the inside, take care of the outside, and you’ll look and feel pretty fantastic.