Deborah Pagani
My Morning Routine

A goop-Favorite Jewelry Designer on Great
Skin, Shiny Hair, and a Little Contouring

Deborah Pagani |

founder, Deborah Pagani Fine Jewelry

One of our favorite jewelry designers in the goop shop also happens to be something of a beauty fiend: Deborah Pagani’s previous life as a hair colorist informs her exquisite hair accessories as well as her slightly glamorous routine, which, even during lockdown, involves a morning chignon and a gorgeous hairpin, flattering blush, glowy highlighters, and yes, contouring. “I worked in beauty for fourteen years, so it’s hard to be au naturel,” says the mom of three. “I just don’t feel myself without a little glam.”

Working under hair gurus like Oribe Canales, John Sahag, and Rita Hazan, Pagani had always designed jewelry for herself; after clients hounded her to create pieces for sale, she launched her fine jewelry brand in 2008 to great success. Last year, she expanded it to include a collection she calls Hair Objet—absolutely gorgeous hair cuffs, clips, and pins that echo her inimitable, wildly covetable style—which is already a smash hit on goop. Pagani’s mornings reflect her love of beauty, from the inside out and the outside in.

7 a.m.: I am not a morning person, so let’s just say getting out of bed isn’t easy for me. While I’m still in bed, I check my emails for production updates on both Hair Objet and my fine jewelry line. But I never answer any of them before coffee.

7:30 a.m.: I take my LivOn vitamin C along with a tincture I love. After I let that marinate for a little while, I have my morning coffee.

7:45 a.m.: The kids’ breakfast is served. We’ve been going about the mornings a bit more slowly these days, as no one is rushing off to school or camp at the moment.

8:15 a.m. I head to the bathroom, where I dry brush with the G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush and then hop in the shower. First I do a scalp cleanse with G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo. It’s my favorite for getting rid of any dry shampoo buildup. I started my career as a hair colorist, so I know how important it is to keep the scalp healthy, and this really does the trick, without drying out my hair. I follow that with a hair treatment (a few times a week) or conditioner. I comb through the conditioner with my wide-tooth Deborah Pagani hair comb. For body, I use Nécessaire’s Body Exfoliator in Eucalyptus about three times a week. It’s so invigorating!

8:25 a.m.: After I get out of the shower, I toss my hair up in an Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel. Once you try one, you’ll never use a regular towel on your head again.

hair in towel

While my hair dries, I start off skin care by moisturizing my body with a mix of body oil, an AHA lotion, and Beautycounter moisturizer in Citrus Mimosa. It sounds like a lot, but it leaves my skin with a nongreasy glow and a nice light scent.

hair in towel

8:40 a.m.: I’m obsessed with all things beauty and skin care, and I tailor my regimen according to what I feel my skin needs at the time. I wash my face with African Botanics Baobab Clay Oxygenating Cleanser and follow that with intense moisturizer all over my face and décolletage, between my breasts and the tops of my shoulders—these are places that age just like the face and are often forgotten. I then spritz on a bit of face mist.

I take my hair out of the Aquis towel, and it’s just damp at this point. I add a bit of hair oil on the ends that I brush through with a Mason Pearson brush, and then I top it off with a dryer if needed.

I take my hair out of the Aquis towel, and it’s just damp at this point. I add a bit of hair oil on the ends that I brush through with a Mason Pearson brush, and then I top it off with a dryer if needed.

9 a.m.: I worked in beauty for fourteen years, so it’s hard to be au naturel—I just don’t feel myself. Even during lockdown, I need a little glam. So before I do anything else, I have to get my hair out of my face (hair must be up for any thorough beauty routine). I wrap my hair in a chignon using my Large Sleek Pin, which keeps it secure while I do my makeup. It’s also my favorite beauty hack: It’s the best way to get beach waves without using an iron.

hair in a bun

I’m a huge fan of Gucci Westman and all things Westman Atelier. My makeup routine starts off with her foundation brush and Vital Skin Foundation Stick. It’s buildable and spreadable, so I can really get the no-makeup makeup look.

I love contouring! And yes, I even do it in quarantine. I use the Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick under my cheekbones, down my nose, around my hairline, and under my jawline.

I used to never wear blush—only bronzer—but Gucci really inspired me to add some color. I tried the Baby Cheeks in Chouchette, and now I am hooked: It gives me a bronzy look plus some added warmth—a great, natural sun-kissed tan. After blush, I accentuate the contour with her Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer.

This is my favorite mix for cheekbones: a swipe of the Lit Up Highlight Stick, add a bit of Super Loaded Tinted Highlighters in Peau de Pêche and Peau de Soleil, and blend together using her Blender Brush. I love how hydrating these highlighters are, and they blend so well with each other. After highlighter, I use powder at my forehead, and chin, and under my eyes and cheekbones (but not on the highlighter).

My brows didn’t survive the ’90s, so I need to fill them in. Then I curl my lashes with Troy Surratt’s lash curler, do a swipe of primer, and follow with a few coats of Eye Love You mascara by Westman Atelier.

I don’t wear much on my lips right now, because it just gets all over my masks, but I have an agave lip serum that I love.

9:15 a.m.: The last thing I do after I get dressed is make my daily smoothie with everything my body needs: Malk almond milk, frozen raspberries or strawberries, one scoop of GlutAloeMine, one scoop of organic spirulina from Triquetra Health, half a teaspoon of Sun Potion’s mucuna pruriens, one scoop of Liv Body vegan protein in snickerdoodle, and a few dashes of Ceylon cinnamon.

Once I down my shake, it’s off to a day of virtual client appointments, designing, and of course, running after my three kids.