Clean Beauty Swap: Iman Leslie

You don’t even have to see Iman Leslie, goop’s manager of customer experience, to fall under her spell: The woman is drop-dead beautiful, but she also has one of the most entrancing voices any of us have ever heard. The angriest or most-stressed-out person melts after even a few seconds with Iman; truly, the highest-level diplomat could learn something from her calm, cool, positive delivery. Her healthy-glowy skin reflects her passion for exercise—she’s a certified yoga teacher—and a serious commitment to clean skin care.

Iman got into clean, nontoxic beauty even before she started at goop. “It started with deodorant,” she says. “I experimented with clean brands, and even with making it myself.” (Today she switches between Schmidt’s and Soapwalla.)

Iman’s boyfriend lives in Ithaca, so she often travels up there on the weekends (the two also just got back from Cuba); her number-one travel essential, she says, is a foam roller. “I love to bike, I love to do yoga, Pilates,” she says. “That LoRox foam roller—even just the travel size is almost like getting a professional massage.”

Here, her skin- and body-care essentials, along with a few beauty necessities. “I don’t wear makeup everyday,” she says, “but if I’m dressing up, there’s some great stuff.”

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