Clean Swap: An Editor’s Favorite No-Makeup Makeup

Clean Swap: An Editor’s Favorite
No-Makeup Makeup

“Some days I don’t wear makeup at all,” says Simone Kitchens, the new senior features editor here at goop. “And other days, I have up to eight different kinds of makeup on my face. But I’d put money down you wouldn’t know which day was which.” Kitchens has been honing her no-makeup makeup look for years—the latest change is that it’s now 100 percent clean. “I’ve been a beauty editor for a long time, and for so long, there just weren’t that many pretty, cool makeup options that were clean,” she says, “but now there’s an explosion of them. You don’t have to compromise now, so every one of my essentials really works, lasts, and feels and looks luxurious, and even the packaging just looks so cool.”


“Everything Barbara Sturm makes has this beautifully soft texture, so it gives your skin a beautifully soft texture. The Glow Drops do that, too, but what I really love is the very soft-focus glow. The drops sink in like a serum, as opposed to sitting on top of my skin, and just leave my skin looking so healthy.”


“On days when I’m feeling a little puffy or blah, I spend a couple minutes working this vibrating bar over my face. My whole face feels lifted and relaxed afterward. The stimulation gets my blood flowing, so I get an instant glow.”


“I use this more like a concealer, dabbing it on the redness I get around my nose, postbreakout brown spots, and the melasma I have above my mouth. It takes away any unevenness but leaves my skin still looking like my skin—not overly covered up.”


“After my overplucked, too-thin, too-highly-arched brows grew back (thank god), I swore I’d never touch them again. Now I love natural, slightly unruly brows much more than perfectly done ones. To make mine look even thicker, I apply this pigmented gel with this teeny-tiny spooley brush. It handily reaches every eyebrow hair and pushes them upward and outward into my preferred bushy shape. It’s the best.”


“I don’t wear mascara every day—it makes me feel a little done—but I do like to curl my lashes. Curled eyelashes get the award for Most Improved every time. My lashes are naturally pretty straight, so it’s like, Oh wow, there are my eyes. This one from Saie is amazing, and the lilac shade is just so chic.”


“Saie’s inky-black mascara goes on so crisply, and it elongates my lashes like crazy. One pass through and you get the most gorgeous wide-awake eyes, and the clean formula never flakes or falls.”


“I want to say I’ve been wearing this shade for about four years. Kosas makes the most universally flattering lip colors. Friends of mine who are a little lighter than me swear by the shade Rosewater, but for my skin tone, the slightly deeper rose tones in Stardust are perfect. I rarely even need to use a mirror with it: I swipe it on, then diffuse the color with my fingers. I can have literally nothing else on my face—no curled lashes, nothing—just this, and instantly I look more alive. I actually love that look.”


“This lip palette from Gucci Westman is the most all-around glamorous beauty item ever. Even for no-makeup makeup devotees, just looking at it should change your mind, but then you try it—the chic lip brush applies the pigment so beautifully, and the texture is just next-level—and it will make you love a lip. And that could be a super bold one or a softer, diffused one.”


“This is my last step, after sunscreen. I work a bit onto my cheeks, lips, and eyelids for an allover boost of dewy color. The entire color range of Olio E Osso looks good on every person—they’re so sheer, you really can’t go wrong—but again, I love a darker rose shade on me. It just warms up my olive undertones.”