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A Clean Makeup Routine for 2020

Whether your look is glowy and natural, crisp and pulled-together, or smudgy and French-girl chic, the new decade is a brilliant excuse to overhaul your makeup bag and clean it up completely—enough with parabens, phthalates, plastics, petroleum, artificial dyes, optical brighteners, and synthetic fragrances, once and for all. Streamline with luxurious, hardworking essentials, like an easy complexion stick, a looks-good-all-over tinted balm, and an elegant sliver of liquid liner for a portable kit that solves any issue, whether you’re running to meetings or dressing up for dinner.

We’ve kept our edit tight—every item on this list is made with the highest-quality pigments, powerful botanicals sourced from the skin-care world, and some of the sleekest, chicest packaging on the planet.

The Best New Makeup Bag

  1. This chic, multipocketed, black nylon zip pouch never stains and is also incredibly easy to clean. It’s spacious and sleek all at once and works as a clutch in a pinch.

The Clean Makeup List

  1. 1

    Easy Skin Boost (and Coverage)

    You can use this multitasking stick as foundation or concealer—either way, it leaves your skin glowy, flawless, and naturally healthy-looking.

  2. 2

    Light-Touch Brush

    This is the essential tool whether you’re using Westman Atelier’s stick as foundation or concealer—and it’s brilliant for applying any other skin product, too. It allows you to use less makeup overall, while leaving a flawless finish.

  3. 3

    Glowifying Lip, Cheek, and Lid Balm

    This easy-for-touch-ups balm has a sexy, sheer tint that works on practically every skin tone. goop senior beauty editor Megan O’Neill likes to dab it on her lips, cheeks, and lids for a skin-warming monochrome effect.

  4. 4

    Eye-Opening Lash Curler

    This lilac-colored lash curler could not be easier to use: Pulse it open and closed as you move outward. Leave your now-wide-awake lashes bare or follow with a defining mascara.

  5. 5

    Lush, Inky Mascara

    This super defining, blackest-black, beautifully fluttery mascara leaves lashes elongated and fanned out all day without a smudge.

  6. 6

    Stealth-Defining Liquid Liner

    The brilliance of this ultraskinny-tipped liner is how easy it is to apply. We love to use it to invisibly define during the day (truly, it’s the ultimate no-makeup makeup secret applied just at the roots of lashes) and create a bang-up cat eye for night.

  7. 7

    Daily Sun Protection

    Makeup-bag nonnegotiable: a fine- textured, super blendable mineral sunscreen to protect skin while adding a dewy glow. You never know when you’re going to be caught in the sun, and this little tube is a brilliant insurance policy.

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