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3 goop Staffers, 1 Amazing Tinted Face Oil

  • The idea of a tinted face oil enchanted us instantly. goop HQ, as you might imagine, is lousy with face oils, and many of us love the idea of a no-makeup makeup tint that leaves us glowy and smooth, not covered up. When we learned that it came in ten shades, we called Kosas founder Sheena Yaitanes.
    We had to try it.

  • kosas tinted face oil Kosas tinted face oil goop, $42
  • It feels like a silky serum going on: It’s three types of pigment infused into six active botanical oils that adjust to your skin as you smooth it in. It’s super moisturizing yet sinks in on contact, so the finish is more dewy than oily. The other surprise is that it manages to last all day—pretty incredible for a totally nontoxic, oil-based tint.

  • We had three staffers, each with a different skin type, shade-match and test-drive the oil, and it delighted all three.

Jasmin Perez

| social media creative director

Skin Type: Combination

Shade: 04

  • “I’m pretty low-key when it comes to my beauty routine, so when I find a double-duty product, I get pretty excited. I usually apply face oil before and after my skin tint to even it out, so this saves me a step. The color glides on smooth and covers up any imperfections without looking like I’m wearing a full face of makeup. It also doesn’t leave the cakey creases that conventional foundations do. Bonus: It comes in a great little package.”
  • ULLA JOHNSON Top, goop, $230; SHERYL LOWE Hoops, goop, $1,050

  • kosas tinted face oil kosas tinted face oil goop, $42
Sarah Carr

| email marketing coordinator

Skin Type: Dry

Shade: 03

  • “Unless I’m hanging out in some equatorial region (not usually the case, unfortunately), my skin is really dry, even in summer. It’s hard to find a foundation that doesn’t make the dry situation worse. This felt more like a nourishing skin oil than a makeup product going on. I’d been looking for something even out my skin tone without undoing the positive effects of my morning skin-care routine, and now I’ve got the perfect smooth, glowy finishing touch. Definitely a #nomakeupmakeup win!”
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  • kosas tinted face oil kosas tinted face oil goop, $42
Micere Johnson

| editorial assistant

Skin Type: Oily

Shade: 08