Harry Josh blowdrying hair

When a Hair Guru Invents a Blow-Dryer
(and GP Happens to Pick the Color)

When a Hair Guru Invents a Blow-Dryer

Jean Godfrey-June is our beauty director, but her enthusiasms are many.

Harry Josh is the hair guru behind GP’s look on many red carpets, and he’s also one of the nicest, most genuine, smartest people in the business (that’s him, hard at work, above). So when he emailed her with a business question, she answered right back. He was in the middle of a project that meant a great deal to him: designing a better blow-dryer. “I’m doing blowouts practically every day of my life, so I think I’d make a waaaay better dryer than some giant appliance company,” he says of his initial idea. (Josh is an idea machine on all things hair: styling, cuts, color. Spend even a minute with him, and you’ll walk away with a forever-changed hair routine and tips you’ll never forget.)

GP loved the whole concept. “He’s brilliant,” she says. “He’s fantastic with hair, and this idea was fantastic, too.” The question involved color swatches, and GP ended up helping him pick out the distinctive mint green that’s become iconic, not just for his (incredible, and we’ll get to that in a moment) blow-dryer but for his entire brand.

“It just looked fresh,” she recalls. “And it was so…Harry Josh!” The resulting dryer is more adorable than you’d ever imagine one could be. But beyond its supreme cuteness, here are some of the other factors that make it the most brilliant blow-dryer on the planet: It’s super light, and it’s compact in a way that makes angling it around your head significantly easier. It’s also superpowered, as if its air were being blown from one of those giganto-dryers designed to cut drying time (at 80 mph, it cuts drying time in half), and has every speed, heat, and ion setting you could want. The pièce de résistance, in my opinion, is the nine-foot cord. It’s hard to realize the genius of this feature until you actually try it, but it makes blow-drying your hair 10 billion times easier. That, and a special filtration system that somehow reduces energy use by 70 percent.

Blow-dry your hair once with it and it’s hard to go back, ever. Peek into top salons across the country and you’ll see it slung over the styling chairs of many of the world’s most famous stylists. But for Josh, the point is that the dryer works for everyone: “If you’ve never blow-dried your hair in your life, this is the dryer for you. If you’ve been doing it every day for twenty years, it’s also the dryer for you!”

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