A Sought-After Hair and Scalp Expert’s 5 Best Tips

Written by: Megan O’Neill


Updated on: February 21, 2024


Her spiraling curls shine with health, and her close-cropped cut exudes effortless cool, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that Root Cause Scalp Analysis founder Bridgette Hill is both a colorist and a certified trichologist. Hill is sought-after for helping even the toughest cases love their hair back into soft, shiny silkiness; clients from all over the world flock to her website for her virtual one-on-one consultations aimed at helping patients treat their hair issues holistically. She takes in-person appointments at both Rob Peetoom salon in Williamsburg and Paul Labrecque Palm Beach.

“Scalp health is hair health,” says the 49-year-old, who got into trichology—the science of hair, hair loss, and scalp issues—in her 20s when an autoimmune disease flare-up caused her hair to fall out, leaving bald patches. “The scalp houses the hair follicle—your hair can only thrive if it’s rooted in a healthy scalp. People don’t readily make the connection, but the scalp is a reflection of your overall health and well-being, I think even more than skin is.”

Hill says trichology is about asking the right questions. “You have to be nosy and investigative,” she says. “I’ve asked clients how many miscarriages they’ve had, or if they’ve got something stressful going on that’s taking a toll on their spirit. I want to help people get their most beautiful hair, and in the process, they often really see where they are with their health.”

Her tips for how to get your most beautiful hair range from a frizz-smoothing glow serum and lots of scalp massage to conditioner for all and—sometimes—major diet changes.



“Everyone, no matter their hair type, should be doing some kind of preshampoo treatment: They really make a difference for shiny hair and a healthy scalp,” Hill says. “This one is made with oils—remember oils are moisturizing, but they also have cleansing benefits, just as with face cleansers—so it’s nurturing, moisturizing, and replenishing.”

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“We know stress can tighten the scalp,” says Hill. “Massage helps relax the scalp and increase suppleness. Even doing it once a week is great for your hair and overall health and well-being.” Hill notes that people tend to wash their hair like they wash their bodies. “That’s wrong,” she says. “Touch your hair like you handle an expensive bag—with love and a bit delicately.”

You increase the healthy-hair benefits even more when you massage in a nourishing clean shampoo like the gently exfoliating, works-on-all-textures scalp scrub shampoo from goop. Swirled with big chunks of salt and smoothing botanicals, it leaves hair soft and shiny. “Many of my clients are women who color their hair and maybe get a blowout once a week, and it’s always, ‘Oh my god, the goop scalp shampoo,’” laughs Hill. “They love it. I just make them promise not to use any shampoo the week they’re coming in for color. I want those natural oils built up to act as a buffer against the chemicals.”

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Nutrition matters, says Hill. “I think foods containing potassium, like oranges, bananas, and dark leafy greens, support hair and scalp health. Protein is essential; plant-based proteins may be sufficient if your diet is balanced with foods that supply all essential amino acids. For healthy hair, I suggest consuming five and a half ounces of meat or beans daily.” Hill likes protein in a conditioner, too. “Topical humectants, lipids, and proteins help sustain hair,” she says. “Everyone should use conditioner, whether their texture is fine and straight or curly and kinky.”

If conditioner weighs your hair down, she suggests conditioning just once a month or using conditioner preshampoo, rather than postshampoo. “For fine hair and for women of color who feel like their curls come out limp and flat, try applying conditioner to dry, uncleansed hair and shampooing after,” she says. “A good-quality product is designed to penetrate, so you’ll rinse off what’s sitting on top, but the good stuff absorbs a bit.”

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“Most people over- or underuse styling products,” says Hill, who explains that leave-in creams and balms are essential for gently enhancing and preserving all different textures. “If it’s a high-quality concentrated product—and there are so many incredible leave-ins out there now—you need only a little, like how you need just a drop or two of a beautiful face oil.”

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The best way to minimize damage from heat styling is to nurture your hair with nourishing, salon-level clean hair care. “Invest in the right treatments—preshampoo, an amazing conditioner, everything we just went through—and a high-tech blow-dryer,” says Hill. “Science and technology and data applied to hair care is the new frontier.” Hill also emphasizes the importance of picking the right hairbrush for the job you want it to do. “Blow-drying with a round brush with natural boar bristles creates large, loose curls,” she says, “while a brush with flexible, spiky bristles is best for detangling, no matter what your texture.”

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Dress for the job you want—and nourish your scalp for the hair you want. This genius kit comes with a scalp detox tonic for dissolving product buildup and sweat, a shine-boosting leave-in conditioner that also smooths frizz, and a jade gua sha comb that feels like the best head massage as it helps ingredients penetrate.

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