The Ultimate French-Girl Hairbrush

The brilliant new brush from Parisian haircolor guru/salon owner Christophe Robin leaves your hair shiny, bouncy, and best of all, easily untangled. We will be keeping ours forever—its tortiseshell-glossy-chicness seems to rub off on our hair every time we use it. Swan around in a kimono, and have a cup of tea or champagne when you use it to get the full Christophe Robin salon effect (he puts everyone in gorgeous floral kimonos, even while coloring their hair).

Christophe’s philosophy is that we’re all too hard on our hair (wash less, with fewer chemicals, heat-style less when you can, use shampoo that’s neither stripping nor coating the hair, do masks regularly, and brush minimally (especially when your hair’s wet), with a great brush. At the end of the day, grooming is about being well-taken care of, which is exactly how this makes us feel.