Revamping Everyday Hair

Adam Reed of Percy & Reed salon in London shows us a few (honestly) easy styles that take less than five minutes each to achieve. Below, you’ll find a few simple alternatives to just pulling your hair back.

The Backcomb Bun

How to:

1. “Prep dry hair with a holding product, like a hairspray or texturizing spray to build the volume. Next, take sections through the crown and backcomb the root area.”

2. “Add as much volume as you require, using backcombing for padding at the roots.”

3. “Split the hair into two sections from ear to ear, pulling the top section toward the back, twisting and securing using Geisha pins. Cross the pins over each other to anchor. Tip: Spray the pins prior to adding them into the hair, as this will add a longer lasting hold.”

4. “Take the bottom section and do exactly the same. Remember that this look is all about the undone-ness of it and sp there are no rules as to how the finished look should be.”

5. “Once the bun is secured, spray your fingers with a little hairspray and manipulate the hair so that there is a looseness to the overall finish.”

Here’s what it looks like from the front.

The Messy Bun

How to:

1. “To keep this look modern, it is essential to allow for some natural texture and volume in the hair. Blow dry with bodifying cream to add movement and give volume to the finished look.”

2. “Pull the hair back into a ponytail that sits just below the crown spraying the comb with hairspray to build control, and secure it using a hooked hair band. (Hair Bungee works great.)”

3. “Spray the comb and start to backcomb the hair in small sections to build volume.”

4. “Once the ponytail is backcombed, spray fingers and manipulate the bun into the required shape before securing it with Geisha pins, making sure that they sit underneath the band to anchor them in.”

5. “A little hairspray and it’s all set.”

The Waterfall Braid

How to:

1. “Prepare hair with a texturizing spray, to add movement and texture to the hair. (If you have finer hair you can use a texturizing spray in damp hair and dry it into the hair.)”

2. “You can braid your hair in any direction with this look, just make sure that the sections that you take are not too big so that you maintain the weight of the braid as you work around the head. If you want to keep it neat use a small amount of finishing polish (Percy & Reed does a great one) on your fingers as you braid to smooth the sections. If you want a soft texture, leave out the polish.”

3. “Work the sections around the head and take into the opposite nape and carry through the length. You can either use a band to secure. (For example, Goody’s Clear Elastics.)”

“You can also gently backcomb the hair at the end, spraying the comb with a mist of spray like Sebastian Re-shaper to secure the end. Once you have secured the braid, work a small amount of the re-shaper into your fingers and work the hair to give a slightly disheveled, looser finish.”