Say Hello to Shinebath—Our New Shampoo and Conditioner for Every Day

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: June 11, 2023

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Healthy, sexy, shiny hair more than makes our day. The hairstyling contortions and elaborate, multistep routines that many of us at goop regularly go through every day attest to that.

But we longed for a (much) simpler solution. As it turns out, “simple” is actually the fastest route to shine, bounce, texture, and manageability: Shampoo and conditioner can make most of the difference in the way our hair looks day-to-day.

“Get it right in the shower and you don’t need so many styling products,” says Gwyneth. “And your hair feels and looks better, too.”

Meet goop Beauty Amino Acid Shinebath Shampoo and Conditioner: Gentle enough to use every day, they’re infused with 11 amino acids and scented with fresh notes of frankincense, vanilla, black pepper, and sandalwood. Together they moisturize, soften, strengthen, and boost shine—no matter what your hair type.

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Both, of course, are clean as can be. “Clean hair care has taken longer to get up to speed than categories like skin care and makeup,” says GP. “But the tech is there now—and we were able to make something great with it. It’s amazing to get this kind of shine, body, and texture from something you can use every day. I love the results—and the scent, the lather, the creaminess, all of it.”

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The cushiony, fresh-scented (black pepper, vanilla, and sandalwood) gel shampoo foams into a beautiful lather to cleanse and hydrate at once. And it rinses out easily for soft, lustrous, strong, healthy-looking hair—every day, every time.

“I love how it makes your whole shower smell so fresh and how creamy the lather is,” says GP. “You can tell it’s doing something even as you wash it out—your hair already feels silkier.”

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The unique, pillowy-textured cream conditioner softens, detangles, strengthens, and moisturizes with 11 amino acids, castor and coconut oils, and hydrolyzed pea protein. And of course it smells fantastic (both the shampoo and conditioner are made with the same subtly gorgeous scent).

“It’s really rich, which I love,” says GP. “And it leaves your hair totally nourished, bouncy, shiny, and silky. I notice a big difference when I use it.”

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See results no matter what your hair type (or what shape it’s in): See results no matter what your hair type (or what shape it’s in):

The ultimate combination: Use the shampoo and conditioner together for noticeably healthier-looking, bouncier, more lustrous hair, every day.

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Strength and Health


Softness and Shine

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Texture and Bounce

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Any day I use these two is a guaranteed good hair day. The difference in my hair is almost hard for me to believe—it’s shinier and softer, and it’s got great texture.”


COnsumer and clinical results


said their hair looked shiny and healthy.*


said their hair had more body and felt more hydrated.*


increase in shine in clinical testing.**

*Based on a third-party consumer-perception study of 34 women between the ages of 30 and 65 with hair types 1 to 4c. Subjects maintained their regular wash schedule but substituted the shampoo and conditioner products for a minimum of four washes over a period of four weeks. **Clinical study on hair tresses compared to baseline. 

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Start with a great hair day.