Secret to Super Shiny Hair

The Lo-Fi Secret to Super Shiny Hair

  • Hair oil really, really works to supercharge your hair with shine and moisture, but there’s a catch: You have to heat it up. The easiest, most effective way to do that, says hair guru Harry Josh, is to warm it once it’s on your hair. “The combination of oil and heat is so great for your hair,” he says. Whether your hair is super fried or in great condition, a regular
    hot-oil treatment should give you noticeable results in terms of both shine and softness.


    Josh recommends five minutes of heat. “Use the diffuser attachment, so it doesn’t scorch any one spot,” he says. Start by saturating the hair you want to treat with oil, heat for five minutes, then let it cool—for as long as you like. “The cool after the heat is what locks in the moisture so it really penetrates the hair shaft,” says Josh. “The longer you can leave it in, the better. Even overnight works. But a super quick treatment is also (a lot) better than nothing.”

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    He recommends an oil treatment once a week for “super fried hair” and twice a month for healthier hair, and he advises waiting a few days after coloring before doing oil treatments. Beyond that, do what works for you. “Just be sure to blast it with heat,” he says (we love a long stretch in the sauna for this purpose, too). “If you want the shine, you’ve got to combine the oil with heat.”

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