Hair Tips from Ricky’s

Ricky’s NYC’s own Ricky gave us his list of favorite tools of the trade.

R Sessions Root Control

“It’s the only appliance I have ever seen that gets so close to the scalp, a metal rod with a plastic comb-like piece on it that prevents the metal piece from hitting the scalp (which would burn it). In my opinion it’s the most slept on item in the past 30+ years I have been in this business.”

R Sessions Nalu Waver

“After we got Root Control, we saw on their website that they had another unique product that works very well, the Nalu Waver.”

R Sessions Pin-up Girl

“This how-to-do-an-updo kit seems to sell out all the time at our stores.”

Ricky recommends:

Warren-Tricomi Protect Conditioner is the IT conditioner for really intense reconstructing.”

The ‘No Frizz’ comb that eliminates frizz.”

The ‘No Crease’ clips which were just used for a Richard Chia fashion show. I also created a bobby pin that leaves NO creases.”