Hair Tips from Alli Webb

I find that it’s nearly impossible to get stick straight hair the way I like it without some professional help. Alli Webb, who just opened drybar in LA—a gorgeous space exclusively for that nearly impossible task—offers her expertise. —GP

The reason why I opened drybar is because despite being a stylist myself, I was never able to do my own hair quite as well as a pro. Here a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that will help you look your best when getting a professional blowout just isn’t an option.

First and foremost, achieving a great blowout actually starts with having super clean hair. Oily and/or dirty hair simply does not blow out well, ladies. So shampooing your hair really well is the first key to success. Use a clarifying shampoo and go easy on the conditioner. And concentrate mostly on the ends.

Conditioner on your roots is almost never necessary (unless you have super course hair).

For curly hair, you gotta put in the time and absolutely must section your hair! Sectioning your hair into at least four CLEAN sections will help you smooth out the hair and keep the hair organized and therefore a lot easier for you to manage.

Set up a mirror to see the back of your hair.

Now you just need a medium to large round brush and you are on your way! Take small sections within your large sections. Working from the root to end is the best way to go—straighten out those pesky curls at the root and then go over the ends to get them as smooth as possible.

If you have bangs or short layers around the face, start there first

Once you have smoothed out the entire head, grab the flat iron or large barrel curling iron to give any unruly ends some finishing touches.

Touching up your ends with a flat iron or curling iron is something you can do at home to extend the life of your blowout.

Another way to maintain a blowout is to pick up some dry shampoo. (TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Little Secret is currently my favorite.)

Maintaining your mane:

  • Sleeping on a satin pillow case has been known to help prevent crazy kinks and frizz. (Definitely avoid putting ponytails in your hair or putting your hair up.)
  • The fringe of your hair will inevitably also suffer first. It’s super easy to just touch up the front of your hair after normal day to day activities… or the gym. Wet the bangs or front layers and hit them with the round brush and re-blow them.