Cutting It All Off

You don’t have to have cancer to shave your head, the actual cutting-it-off part can be fun and silly, and the resulting look can be gorgeous and chic. We saw this video of top New York makeup artist Alice Lane—whose long, red, voluminous curls are something of a trademark—having her head shaved and found it incredibly inspiring. There are a wealth of great videos online of women cutting off their hair in preparation for chemo; this one, purely about the look, gave us a perspective we hadn’t considered: fashion.

“I just felt, all of a sudden—ok, this is what I want. I think it’s going to look so cool,” says Lane, who was on a Warby Parker shoot with hairstylist Shin Arima. “I’d seen this model who opened the show at the Lanvin show with her shaved head and it just looked so great. Then I had a dream that I did it, and then I went for it.” Shin, as you can tell in the video was nervous. “So was I!” says Lane. “I mean, I’m thirty-five—aren’t I supposed to need hair to look prettier?”

Earlier this year, Lane notes, she had a cancer scare. “I was lucky, and everything was ok,” she says. “But I felt terrible that my first thought was not, ‘What if I die?’ and it wasn’t even, ‘What if I lose my breast?’ It was about my hair.”

Her new, barely-there hair is so far a huge triumph. “I love it,” she says. “I feel so free.”