What Can Bond Repair Do for Your Hair? 

Written by: Brianna Peters


Published on: January 30, 2024


Frizz? Split ends? Dullness? Flatness? While there are plenty of surface ways to renew damaged hair, bond-repair treatments aim to help repair it at a deeper level, penetrating the hair fibers more thoroughly than, say, a deep conditioner. “Heat styling, environmental exposure (like sun, salt water, and chlorine), color-treating, chemical services, and more can break down the natural chemical bonds in your hair, and weakening those bonds causes frizz and breakage,” explains Madison Garrett, a top colorist at Spoke & Weal salon in New York. “Bond-repair treatments help restore and repair those damaged bonds for softer, stronger hair.”

Originally you could get a bond-repair treatment only at salons; they were expensive and required returning to the salon twice a month to maintain the results. But the technology has come a long way—and you can now do a version of bond repair at home. Until now, though, most bond-repair products (whether in the salon or at home) contained ingredients like phthalates, polysorbates, silicones, and polyquaternium.

But Santa Barbara–based chemist Eric Pressly, PhD, who already had more than 100 patents in bond-repair technology, wanted to crack the code and create a clean bond-repair option. “I wanted to create the next generation of bond repair,” he says. “It had to be clean and perform better, and it had to be easy and straightforward to use, too.”

Pressly eventually managed to formulate an at-home treatment that’s made with only four ingredients. It’s also free of acid (so it doesn’t alter the pH of your hair), fragrance, and any sort of harsh, chemical smell that traditional treatments once had. His patented Bio-Diffusion molecular technology continues to repair disulfide bonds even hours after you apply. “Most bond-repair technology works with solid molecules that allow the molecule to move through hair while it’s wet,” says Pressly. “Once the hair dries, the molecule is frozen in place. Bio-Diffusion uses a liquid molecule that continues to move through hair and address areas of damage even after water has evaporated from it.”

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When I tried the treatment, I was impressed with how easy it was—but afterward, I really couldn’t believe how much softer and smoother my hair was. The texture and bounce were noticeably improved, and my usually dry, strawlike ends felt like I’d just gotten a fresh haircut.

Since then, I’ve used the treatment once a week, religiously—and it delivers the same glossy, shiny results every time.


Step 1: Mix and Spritz

The treatment comes with a reusable bottle and two vials of concentrate. Pour the solution from a tiny vial into the bottle, add water, shake, and spray completely through your hair. “Section your hair, then completely saturate it from root to end,” says Pressly. “You can’t really overdo it.”

I comb through afterward to help evenly distribute the treatment, then wrap my hair up in a silk scrunchie to let it absorb.

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Step 2: Let It Soak

Leave the treatment on for 10 minutes minimum—but you can leave it on longer (even overnight). I typically leave it on for about an hour—on Sunday mornings when I take my dog for a long walk in Central Park.

Step 3: Shampoo and Condition as Usual

When you’re ready to shower, shampoo and condition as you normally would. I always use these two moisturizing, nourishing formulas to supercharge my results.

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Step 4: Dry and Style

Once you’re out of the shower, dry and style your hair however you want. The treatment makes my hair so silky and soft that I don’t even need leave-in conditioner or oil as I normally would. Instead, I wrap my hair up in a microfiber towel, then let my hair air-dry till it’s almost completely dry. Then, for volume, I spritz in this incredible spray at my roots and give it a quick shot with this hair-dryer.

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