Augustinus Bader The Rich Shampoo and Conditioner: goop Editors Are Obsessed

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: May 1, 2024


Jean Godfrey-June

Executive Beauty Director

I went to give a speech at the world-famous Canyon Ranch in Tucson, where the air is beautiful—and very dry. Dry air causes my normally wavy hair to straighten, of its own accord, into an ’80s-newscaster blowout. A blowout is just a terrible look on me—hairdressers talk me into it, and then I see the regret in their eyes when they’re done. If you’ve ever read the adorable and hilarious children’s book Dandelion, that’s the vibe. And in a dry climate, the blowout appears without the stylist or the blow-dryer.

Unless I really moisturize. I had samples of the new Augustinus Bader Rich shampoo and conditioner, so I tucked them in my bag and hoped for the best.

In the cavernous Canyon Ranch shower, though, there was a panic: Was the shampoo sample mislabeled? It was creamy, like a conditioner. And then the conditioner was a silky gel—like a shampoo. I squinted, I hemmed and hawed, but I went with it.

Encouragingly, the creamy shampoo foamed right up, and the conditioner felt amazing in my hair, which seemed instantly more supple, elastic, moisturized, and, well, rich. I finished with a little leave-in conditioner, also from Bader, and dashed to my next activity, a gorgeous hike in the already-strong morning sun, a prescription for overstraight hair if there ever was one. I returned to my chic casita and my jaw dropped: My usual waves cascaded around me as if I’d been lounging in the tropics. If it’s nourishing, softening, and shine you want, go for broke with The Rich.

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