Ask Jean: Frizz Rx?

Ask Jean: Frizz Rx?

Dear Jean, Whether I dry my hair with a blow-dryer or let it air-dry, it’s still prone to frizz. In several of goop’s articles, hair stylists talk about drying wet hair with paper towels. Does it really work?—Lily C.

Dear Lily, The brilliant hairstylist Adir Abergel (the artist behind some of GP’s especially fantastic red-carpet looks) first introduced me to the concept of blotting hair with paper towels, which he’s deeply enthusiastic about—but unless you’re, say, getting married or accepting the Nobel Prize, it’s a bit more than most people are up for on a daily basis.

The tiny-but-insanely-powerful towel from Aquis, however, accomplishes the same goal without the trash can full of wet paper.

When you dry your hair with a cotton towel, each separate loop made of thread (look closely and you’ll see) rubs individually against the strands of your hair, roughing it up and creating frizz. It also breaks hair (your hair is 60% weaker when wet), which creates a more-permanent frizz situation none of us want.

You can sidestep this to some degree by blotting (instead of rubbing a regular towel back and forth), or wrapping your hair, which, if you’re careful, is a lot like blotting. Blotting is the ultimate, but it is also the slowest way to dry your hair imaginable, so I go with the wrap.

The Aquis is especially nice because aside from not roughing your hair up like a cotton towel does, and drying it four times faster than a cotton towel would (it’s both smoother and more absorbent), it’s also super thin and not that big, so it’s about 1,000 times easier to wrap your hair up in. And it stays wrapped better, too. Plus, the tech-y neon-coral tag on one side is so chic I can’t even stand it.