woman in bathtub

Hibernation Mode:
Sleep In, Moisturize a Lot, and Recharge Your Spirit, Skin, and Hair

There’s not a great deal any of us can control right now, except caring for one another and ourselves. For those of us who are at home, taking a few moments to reconnect with ourselves can make a big difference in how we feel (and sending a self-care package to someone else feels even better). Here’s a little routine involving a steamy bathtub, some serious exfoliating, reparative deep conditioners, plumping face masks, and glow-inducing oils.

Simply luxuriating in a steamy tub, phoneless and newsless, can shift your mood dramatically—make the water piping-hot and steep in there for twenty minutes.

Optimize the bath’s restorative powers with a pretub dry brushing session and a quick face exfoliation to prep your skin for the treatment mask to come.

  1. Mood-Resetting
    Bath Soak

  2. Skin-Energizing
    Dry Brush

  3. Face-Buffing

Once you’re in, slather on a few low-lift treatments—a reparative deep conditioner, a plumping face mask—to work while you soak. The heat and moisture will help the ingredients penetrate further for even glowier skin and silkier hair.

  1. Skin-Brightening
    Face Mask

  2. Silkifying
    Hair Mask

  3. Moisture-Infusing
    Face Mask

Afterward, we like to wrap ourselves in a towel and a robe, then collapse in bed to keep sweating it out for a bit. As you start to return to consciousness, seal in all the benefits with a gleamy post-bath body oil. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, loll about a while longer and paint your toenails the perfect red; if you’re not, stay in bed and smooth on an essential-oil-rich body cream.

  1. Subtly Sexy
    Body Cream

  2. Gleamy
    Body Oil

  3. Minimalist
    Nail Polish