woman in bathtub

Hibernation Mode:
Sleep In, Moisturize a Lot, and Recharge Your Spirit, Skin, and Hair

There’s a natural lull at the very end of the year that’s beautiful to take advantage of, whether your holidays have been hectic or mellow, whether the weather is cold and dark or warmer and sunnier. It’s a time to hole up, take stock, and do as much staring into middle distance as possible. Simply luxuriating in a steamy bathtub, phone-less, can shift the entire course of your day; make the water piping hot and steep in there for twenty minutes.

Optimize the bath’s restorative powers with a pre-tub dry brushing session and a quick face exfoliation to prep your skin for the treatment mask to come.

  1. Mood-Resetting
    Bath Soak

  2. Skin-Energizing
    Dry Brush

  3. Face-Buffing

Once you’re in, slather on a few low-lift treatments—a reparative deep conditioner, a plumping face mask—to work while you soak. The heat and moisture will help the ingredients penetrate further for even glowier skin and silkier hair.

  1. Skin-Brightening
    Face Mask

  2. Silkifying
    Hair Mask

  3. Moisture-Infusing
    Face Mask

Afterward, we like to wrap ourselves in a towel and a robe, then collapse in bed to keep sweating it out for a bit. As you start to return to consciousness, seal in all the benefits with a gleamy post-bath body oil. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, loll about a while longer and paint your toenails the perfect red; if you’re not, stay in bed and smooth on an essential-oil-rich body cream.

  1. Subtly Sexy
    Body Cream

  2. Gleamy
    Body Oil

  3. Minimalist
    Nail Polish

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