The Clean Toothpaste Face-Off

There are many reasons not to use conventional toothpaste, from serious toxins and major detergents to the fact that any dermatologist will tell you, it’s an incredibly common irritant/allergen. (If you ever get a mysterious rash around your mouth, switch toothpaste before panicking.)

The debate over flouride notwithstanding (some clean toothpastes include it, others don’t), these four formulas have beauty benefits beyond the obvious gets-your-teeth-clean basics.

  • Most Intense Breath-Freshening

    Most Intense Breath-Freshening

    Sea Fresh from Jason Toothpaste, $4.89

    Blue-green algae, spearmint, and parsley somehow combine for ultimate instant breath improvement.

  • Best Whitening

    Best Whitening

    Tom’s of Maine Simply White Toothpaste, $4.29

    Polishes your teeth without bleach, and is the only clean toothpaste to carry the ADA seal. The spearmint is also super-fresh.

  • Best Packaging

    Best Packaging

    Dr. Bronner’s Toothpaste, $6.49

    Chicly, perfectly, plainly brilliant in practically any bathroom, from hyper-modern to traditional.

  • Cleanest-Clean


    Weleda Salt Toothpaste, $8

    Clean in every sense of the word, Weleda isn’t just green, isn’t just organic, but is fully biodynamic. Salt—it whitens, it disinfects, it discourages plaque—plus baking soda and blackthorn extract create an old-school yet effective concoction.