Bikini Wax

The Best Waxers

Though a seemingly simple undertaking, the right wax—and the right waxer—make a huge difference, both in the quality of the results, and the aftermath. These spots deliver perfection, with no ingrown hairs.

Los Angeles

Kristine Aminian


Back in the day, Kristine used to run a day spa in Beverly Hills, but her herbal beauty treatments became so popular that she shut down and went mobile. Now she does door to door visits with a select group of clients who love her 100% natural treatments. We have a few friends who swear by her waxing technique.

Queen Bee

Culver City | 10182 Culver Blvd. | 310.204.2236
Brentwood | 2530-A San Vicente Blvd. | 310.570.2282

There’s a pretty cheeky design aesthetic here, that takes a deep bow to the Queen: Union Jack covered chairs, portraits of Her Majesty, and floral, chintz wallpaper that look like it was lifted from the walls of a country estate set the vibe. The concept is in line with the idea that everyone should be treated like royalty, which explains the extras (like long and late opening hours). Go for “The Full Monty” as they use wax from Italy, which is applied warm (not hot) to protect the skin. Jodi Shays is the owner, and the person to see if possible.


Beverly Hills | 9431 S. Santa Monica Blvd. | 310.276.8855

This is our place for non-waxing waxing in LA: They use organic honey to do the job, which we find much less painful. We also love that it’s all-natural and doesn’t leave a sticky wax residue. Ask for Viviana. P.S. They also do great spray tans, here.

Ruth Korn at Allen Pacheco Salon

Santa Monica | 175 Pier Ave. | 310-866-7546

Operating out of a small, unassuming room in the back of the Allen Pacheco Salon, Ruth Korn’s enthusiasm for skincare is pretty inspiring. She has a variety of all-natural, Australian waxes in her toolkit (both strips and hardening), and the process is thorough and pain-free.


West Hollywood | 7600 Melrose Ave. | 323.591.0079

This just-launched spa, helmed by two long-time L.A. waxing veterans, is the only spot in the city to use graphite wax, a low-temperature, hard wax that’s minimally painful and not at all sticky. Ask for Inez.


New York City


Soho | 150 Mercer St. | 212.343.3515

This quiet, underground spot in Soho is the sort of place where roses float in bowls of water and treatment rooms are candlelit. We come here for the waxing, specifically for “The Gourmet.” With essential oils and vitamin E to reduce irritation and redness, it’s a smooth finish all around.

Lidia Tivichi at Maris Dusan

Upper East Side | 629 Park Ave., Level G | 212.879.1313

Lidia Tivichi somehow makes the entire process painless. Seriously. Hands down, she does the best wax we’ve ever tried.

San Francisco


Cow Hollow | 3212 Fillmore St. | 415.931.3165

The emphasis here is on sugar wax, which feels strange at first, as it pulls the hair in the growth direction. Besides leaving the skin bump and ingrown free, it’s also totally natural, as its made from just sugar, lemon, and water. Each treatment room boasts a different theme—nautical, camping, beach—but not in a kitschy way. That, and the fact that a treatment comes with a cocktail, makes this a place you’ll actually look forward to visiting.

International Orange

Pacific Heights | 2044 Fillmore St. | 415.630.5928

Named for the paint color used on the Golden Gate Bridge, this is one of San Francisco’s best day spas, whether you check in for a full day of body work, or drop by for a wax. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s helmed by three powerhouse women, who all abandoned intense careers to focus on healing. For waxing, Yolanda Porrata’s our girl.



Knightsbridge | 18 Hans Crescent | + 44 (0) 207 584 6868

With 20-odd years of experience under her belt, Arezoo Kaviani does the best Brazilian wax in London, bar none. Just a stone’s throw from Harrods, her spa is conveniently located, too.

Jenny Jordan

Belsize Park | 22 Englands Ln. | + 44 (0) 207 483 2222

Jenny Jordan is a great stand-by for anyone who lives in North London. Ask for Mira who works so quickly that the entire session is essentially painless.


Notting Hill | 112 Talbot Rd. | + 44 (0) 207 727 2754

This spot hits all the requirements: It’s good, it’s fast, and it’s efficient—everyone here is good, but ask for Flori.



Peace Love Wax

4701 W. Park Blvd., Suite 208 | 936.661.2523

Despite frequent requests to add other services, founder Lisa Sample’s spot is unwavering in its dedication to the art of hair removal: The specialization pays off, as there are no better waxers in town.