Spray Tan

The Best Spray Tan Spots

Spray tan doesn’t have a particularly good reputation, if only because the services of yesterday usually left lines, an artificial orange hue, and a very distinct odor in their wake. These days, the formulations are top-notch—and often organic.


Bronze & Beautiful

Ask for Jacy Radar: She comes to your house armed with everything required to give you a flawless tan, including a tent, brush, and organic solution, which she customizes according to your skin tone and how dark you’d like to go.



There’s no website for this mobile service, which is a one-woman show. Give LeeAnn Hassell a call and she’ll come to your house to give you a pristine, airbrush tan.

Love Glow

6615 Snider Plaza | 469.223.1349

You won’t find any parabens or additives in the spray tan mix here—just organic, sugar-based, natural-looking color. For those who want a perma-glow, $99.99 a month gets you unlimited spray tans. Ask for Caroline.


Daniela Nikolova

+ 44 (0) 797 378 4889

Known for her Vita Liberata tan—an alcohol and perfume-free treatment that uses sugar-cane agents to bronze the skin—Daniela works her magic on the go. Besides the convenience of an at-home spray tan, the formula is also especially gentle on sensitive skin

James Read

Knightsbridge 109-125 Knightsbridge | 020 7201 9606

James has a long and faithful list of clients, which can make it hard (though not impossible) to book time at his salon in Harvey Nichols. (He’s also at the Josh Wood Beauty Atelier in Notting Hill). The effect of a visit—in a city where achieving a tan via sunlight is nearly impossible—is a pleasingly natural glow even on the city’s fair skinned. James also has an eponymous line of products that maintains the tan between sessions.

Los Angeles

Chocolate Sun

Santa Monica 147 Bay St. | 310.450.3075
Beverly Hills 338 N. Canon Dr. | 310.450.3075

Chocolate Sun concocts their own organic tanning sprays, made from herbs, botanicals, and antioxidants. Everyone gets a custom blend, which is then airbrushed on, meaning that the results are subtle and natural. There’s no reception area at the Beverly Hills location: It’s off an unmarked corridor on the second floor—you have to guess where to go unless someone is there to meet you.

New York City

Gotham Glow

Nomad 1123 Broadway | 212.592.0368

This is one of the most trusted names in spray tanning in New York, and for good reason. Under the watchful eye of the owner, Tamar, you’ll never step out with a weird, orange undertone or that terrible fake tan smell. The tiny salon is in a random building on Broadway, but no matter: You’ll be in and out in under 15 minutes. They also do house-calls.


Upper East Side Louise O’Conner Salon & Spa | 33 E. 61st St., 3rd Fl. | 212.935.6261

While you can find the Suvara formula at various spray tan spots around the country, founder Anna Stankiewicz is the woman to see, and she works out of the Louise O’Connor salon on the Upper East Side. (She also does house calls all over the city.) In addition to giving a radiant glow, she’s known for her slimming body contour effects and her Skin Rescue Therapy, an all-natural vitamin spray.