The 9 Most Luxurious Body Treatments in the World

"Luxurious” is in the eyes of the (presumably) super-relaxed beholder; for some people, it might mean the most expensive treatment in the world, for others, it might be lengthiest, a gorgeous setting, or some especially fantastic combination. In the end, "most luxurious" is utterly subjective, fun to think about, know it when you see it. Particularly when you factor in airfare, every one of these spas and treatments cost in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars; we love to dream about and be inspired by them—and have concocted some hopefully suitably indulgent at-home approximations, too.

  • Spiritual Treatments at the Mii Amo Spa in Sedona, AZ

    Sedona is a famously beautiful and spiritual place: It's like being in your own up-close version of the Grand Canyon. And Mii Amo's location has got to be one of the most spectacular places in Sedona, wedged in a mountain canyon and surrounded by enormous red-rock formations. The treatments are all incredible, but the specifically spiritual ones—from Reiki and cranial sacral therapy to Native American sweat-lodge ceremonies to a transformative ritual called HozHooji, the Mi Amo Blessing, which combines mineral-intense turquoise clay, energy work, and massage therapy to awaken positive energies—are all-time GP favorites.

    At-home approximation: A Hot Tub Bath ($36,, or Digital Detox Bath ($34, from Pursoma pulls out toxins and enriches the body with powerful minerals. Apply (or have it massaged in for you) Kypris Body Elixir: Inflorescence ($95,, an incredible mix of prickly-pear-seed oil and tamanu, plus sweet iris stem cells and 12 botanicals with powerful aroma therapeutic benefits.

  • Bespoke Spa Buyout, The Mayflower Grace, Washington, CT

    This couple's treatment takes over the entire Mayflower spa house after-hours, from 8-11:30pm: After a treatment in the hammam, you have a candlelit dinner in the wildly atmospheric Garden Room, then relax in the hot tub, the indoor pool, and the Thermal Sanctuary for...hours. You return to your room, where there's a personalized soundtrack playing, champagne, Mayflower Grace robes to take home, and more. The service includes 20% off all Red Flower products in the boutique, to extend the Buyout into your daily life.

    At-home approximation: Soak in a hot bath infused with Red Flower Neroli Cypress High Atlas Mineral Soak ($52, and surrounded by Red Flower Nothing But Everything Beautiful Utopia Candle ($76,, order in something healthy and delicious, have some champagne, and demand a foot rub (Rodin's Crema Hand Cream, $84, is pure indulgence) before bed.

  • Samattva Balancing Therapy, The Rambaugh Palace, Jaipur, India

    The spa itself is heart-stoppingly gorgeous, but the treatment rooms—gigantic, exquisitely decorated individual tent-yurts, each with its own with jacuzzi, bathroom, massage tables, and lounging areas—are truly like no others on earth. Draped in Indian carpets, strewn with rose petals (roses in India have an incredibly beautiful, intense scent), the tent-room would make anyone feel royal; the 180-minute Samattva treatment combines massage, aromatherapy, yoga, and guided meditation, and is both transporting and transformative.

    At-home approximation: You need the better part of a day, and either a yoga studio or yoga video you love (try YogaGlo's streaming service), a bath and/or massage with the Venus Amber Body Oil from Shiva Rose ($60,, candles, and a carpet. Definitely splurge on some actual roses.

  • Royal Mansour Spa, Marrakech, Morroco

    One of the most beautiful spas on earth, the Royal Mansour has what most be one of the most indulgent hair treatments ever, blending Moroccan ingredients like the Liposilt Black lake mud, argan and essential oils from the Berber tribes of the Atlas Mountains, and hydrating, conditioning masks by Leonor Greyl from Paris. It leaves your hair unbelievably shiny, with renewed elasticity and bounce; your spirit, too, is seriously reinvigorated.

    At-home approximation: Mix Kesh's Pure Argan Oil with Rose Essence ($40, with the thick, whipped delightfulness of Leonor Greyl's Masque Fleurs des Jasmin ($65,—the scent combination alone will blow you away.

  • The Pizichili Package, Como Shambala Spa, Parrot Cay

    Como Shambala is one of the most calming places on earth, with the most delicious, Balinese spa food, the clearest water, and the softest sand—plus a modernist spa/yoga studio overlooking a delta alive with mangroves and every sort of bird. This Ayurvedic combination treats stress, anxiety, and nervousness with an herbal steam treatment, body mud mask, and a warm herbal oil poured in a steady stream over the forehead. The cranio-sacral therapy at Parrot Cay is utterly transformative.

    At-home approximation: The Como Shambala products have an utterly unique and supremely relaxing scent; they are all organic and non-toxic. The Invigorate Shampoo is especially fantastic ($15.19,, but they're all good.

  • Sisley Supremya Facial, Sense Spa at the Carlyle, New York

    In what feels like a deep marble vault in the heart of the Carlyle on the Upper East Side, you lie on what has to be one of the most comfortable massage tables ever, complete with a fluffy down comforter and pillow. An aesthetician gets to work for two hours—it goes by like 10 minutes—massaging a laundry list of wildly-expensive Sisley creams and serums into your skin. There's oxygen and extraction if you want them—and seriously glowy results.

    At-home approximation: A bottle of Supremya Night serum ($795, costs more than the facial at the Carlyle; it does last longer, however, and it makes an incredible face mask if poured on thick.

  • Full-Day Ritual, Les Sources de Caudalie Spa, Bordeaux, France

    Plunked in a middle of some of Bordeaux's most spectacular vineyards, this spa is all about the health benefits—and pleasures—of wine. This day-long, utterly personalized treatment involves the bath (there are all manner of crushed-grape/vine options), wrap (honey and wine, flowers and wine, and so on), and facial (lifting, firming, etc) of your choice, a crushed-cabernet scrub, a brown-sugar scrub with Divine Oil, and a full Caudalie massage.

    At-home approximation: Caudalie has managed to bottle and jar versions of most of their treatments, from The Divine Scrub ($38, to the Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil ($52,