The ultimate EOD ritual: A soak in the the Memoirs freestanding tub from Kohler ($5,427,

Soothing Nighttime Rituals to
Improve Your Whole Week

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There are lots of things you can’t do in a bath. You can’t get dinner going. You can’t take the dog for a walk. And you can’t take care of anyone else but yourself—which is exactly the reason to take one. GP started taking a nightly bath when she was filming Shakespeare in Love, and she’s converted most of us here at goop. The sensation of the water and the heat of the steam swirling up from it have the ability to edge out pretty much any nettling thought; beyond that, we’ve put considerable thought into how best to optimize a twenty-minute interval of repose with a few extra-soothing rituals. Regular baths can feel a bit like hiding out, like life has stopped, gloriously, for a little while—and that’s when they’re truly transformative.


We start with a brisk, allover dry-brushing while the hot water’s filling the tub. The technique is pretty simple, and it wakes up every nerve ending.


Picking the perfect bath depends on how we’re feeling: GP worked with New York acupuncturist and herbalist Paul Kempisty to create our line of bath soaks, which smell beautifully of the essential-oil-infused salts and pure, active botanicals that they’re made of.


To unwind even further, we dim the lights and burn an essential-oil-infused candle. The flickering flame and the gentle scent are a unique kind of salve.


A face mask soothes both spirit and skin while you soak. The steam rising off of the water opens pores, so treatments absorb into skin like a dream. And knowing that everything is clean and nontoxic—pure, nourishing botanical goodness—goes a long way in terms of helping you feel truly relaxed (and pampered).