How a Working Mom Winds
Down before Bed

Along with enormous amounts of happiness and love, caring for a one-year-old adds a serious amount of work and (sometimes) stress to an already-loaded day. Deputy editor Kate Wolfson has her son, Sonny, on a fairly dependable schedule, which makes evening her moment to catch up on herself, her husband, her work, and, when possible, a little self-care: “As soon as I put him down, I dedicate a few hours to catching up on work, but I try to make it a point to stop checking email/Slack around 9 p.m.,” she says. “The typical mom thing is a glass of wine to wind down, but I don’t drink, so my nighttime routine involves unwinding in other ways.” Here, the steps that help her shake off the day and get ready for bed:

“While I don’t wear much makeup, I’m a bit compulsive about getting it all off to get my skin squeaky clean. Tata Harper’s Nourishing Oil Cleanser gets the job done and washes of with zero greasy residue.”

“In the interest of minimizing the amount of steps between myself and bed, I keep it simple with Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum layered under Kypris 1000 Roses face oil.”

  • “I started working baths back into my routine after I had Sonny (something I haven’t done in years, but it’s a way to have an ironclad moment to myself and really relax—both of which I now need more than ever, as any mom will understand). While nightly baths don’t always end up happening, I implement Sunday evening soaks religiously.”

  • goop Body
  • “Just in time, The Martini (for emotional detox) from goop came along. I’ve been lucky enough to try some of the first samples, and now I absolutely cannot live without it. All you do is add a cup’s worth of salt/oils/extracts into the water (I love a hot bath, but warm works too, or even cool in the summer) It’s clear and greenish and feels and smells incredible—a citrusy/herby/mineral sort of scent.”

  • “You’re supposed to soak for 20 minutes, and while I don’t light candles or anything, the combination of the subtle scent of the bath and whatever goop book club book we’re reading (right now: South and West by Joan Didion) are plenty to get me to a truly mellow place.”

    I get out, wrap myself in a towel, and sweat for a few minutes—that delicious, post-bath haze is pretty fantastic.

    “Before climbing into bed, I make a mug of hot lemon water with honey, which I sip while watching an episode or two of Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, I know I’m a decade late to the party, but, after the Martini bath itself, it’s the part of my bedtime routine I look forward to most.”