Guest-Room Beauty Essentials

Guest-Room Beauty Essentials

Building out our goop Guest Room Shop got us thinking: Trying out new beauty products when we stay over at someone’s house is seriously fun, and an incredible way to discover new things that we may never have purchased without testing. It’s next-level medicine-chest snooping and next-level product sampling, all in one.

And since even the biggest clean-beauty skeptics convert once they actually try, say, the face wipes from Ursa Major, or the watermelon-and-vanilla lip balm from Grown Alchemist, stocking the guest bathroom with non-toxic products can actually help spread the good word.

Regardless, the best guest room products come in single-serving packages, or easily-sharable tubes (as opposed to a pot, where multiple people might find themselves dipping into the same product), so we’ve taken that into consideration here, along with a neither-too-feminine-nor-masculine aesthetic, so everybody’s happy:


  • Guest-Room Beauty Essentials goop Fragrance
    Scented Candle: Edition o2 – Shiso goop, $72

    A scent of cool air, pale sun, new life unfurling on the forest floor, this mystical candle channels the energy of spring: sensual heat against cool, damp air. Shiso

    leaf (also known as perilla) is the unexpected star of this scent: It
    has a slightly spicy/fresh characteristic that’s green, earthy, and
    delicate all at once. Its complex simplicity is similar to Ikebana,
    the art of Japanese floral composition: The shiso note is closely
    hinged on the other notes, so the scent begins simply and then
    slowly opens up into spicy greens, crushed stems, and ancient
    exotic woods.


  • Guest-Room Beauty Essentials goop by Juice Beauty
    Enriching Face Oil goop, $110

    This nourishing, potent miracle oil sinks
    instantly into skin and starts to work. Made
    with a pure blend of organic oils, it leaves skin
    remarkably supple, soft, and glowing. It
    turbo-charges any moisturizer, but also
    hydrates beautifully on its own. It can even
    be patted on over makeup for a midday
    pick-me-up. The Enriching Face Oil is

    formulated with USDA-certified organic ingredients and
    contains approximately 99% total organic content. 


  • Guest-Room Beauty Essentials Grown Alchemist
    Watermelon & Vanilla Lip Balm goop, $23

    Made with purified watermelon extract, rose
    hip, jojoba, and sweet almond oils, and shea
    butter, this everyday lip essential is incredibly
    moisturizing—amazing for serious dry or cold
    climates. Fatty acids visibly improve
    lips’ texture, while antioxidants nourish. All
    ingredients are bioactive and certified
    organic..e.g., good enough to eat.


  • Guest-Room Beauty Essentials Plant Apothecary
    Get Happy Body Wash goop, $18

    Made with organic geranium and
    peppermint essential oils, this honey-like
    wash uplifts the mood—perfect for a
    de-stressing bubble bath or refreshing
    shower. Made of only nine pure
    ingredients, it’s blessedly gentle
    enough for sensitive skin.


  • Guest-Room Beauty Essentials Ursa Major
    Essential Face Wipes goop, $24

    The company’s miracle 4-1
    Face Tonic formula is infused
    into each individually-wrapped
    bamboo-cloth face wipe—use
    as a cleanser,
    gentle-but-powerful exfoliant,

    skin-soother, and hydrator, for all skin types. The
    wipes smell subtly of orange, fir, and lavender—refreshing after
    the gym, beautiful for taking off makeup—justamazing.


  • Guest-Room Beauty Essentials Cocofloss
    Floss goop, $8

    Try clean, refreshing Cocofloss
    once, truly, and you’ll be forever
    ruined for regular floss. Never
    mind its non-toxicity and social

    impact, it’s simply better than anything we’ve tried–ever.
    Created by two Bay Area sisters, one a dentist, the other an
    artist, Cocofloss is thick, yet glides smoothly between your
    teeth, is strong but flexible, and just feels—fantastic,
    transforming a chore into a pleasure. The floss has the faintest
    hint of the coconut oil its infused with, and the mint scent is
    especially fresh and invigorating.


  • Guest-Room Beauty Essentials True Botanicals
    Nourishing Shampoo
    & Conditioner goop, $68

    True Botanical’s shampoo/conditioner
    set packages together two of goop’s
    favorite hair-care products. Both the
    shampoo and conditioner smell

    absolutely amazing and are extremely nourishing.
    The scent is a refreshing mix of lemon and orange
    peel oils, ylang ylang flower oil, sweet violet extract, and mimosa
    tenuiflora bark extract. Bonus: The subtle silver tone of the
    bottles makes this a stunning combination on any shower ledge.


  • Guest-Room Beauty Essentials Naturopathica
    Daily UV Defense
    Cream SPF 50 goop, $58

    Sleek and softly, subtly matte, this daily
    moisturizer is also
    a nontoxic (to people and
    to coral) SPF 50 that sinks in so easily.

    Amazing on its own, over makeup, on the backs of your
    hands…we keep one in the makeup bag and one in the glove
    compartment for emergency sun situations.


  • Guest-Room Beauty Essentials Grown Alchemist
    Intensive Body Cream:
    Rosa Damascena, Acai
    & Pomegranate goop, $31

    It smells fantastic, feels incredible, and
    moisturizes like crazy, leaving skin deeply
    nourished. Antioxidants and botanical
    extracts soften and reviatlize skin.

    Plus the tube itself is just plain gorgeous.


  • Guest-Room Beauty Essentials Vitruvi
    Stone Diffuser goop, $119

    This gorgeous ceramic aromatherapy oil
    diffuser is handcrafted and
    works as a stunningly simple piece of
    home decor at the same time that it
    softly streams essential-oil-infused

    steam out into any room. Ingeniously, it’s got longevity and
    safety off-switches, so it’s worry free. One of the most gentle,
    beautiful, life-enhancing ways to scent your home we know.