Godfrey's Guide: Why You Need a Specially-for-this-Spring Face Oil

Why You Need a
Specially-for-this-Spring Face Oil

Godfrey's Guide: Why You Need a Specially-for-this-Spring Face Oil

Jean Godfrey-June is our beauty editor, but her enthusiasms are many. This is a new column she’s trying out…

The first time I tried face oil from De Mamiel, it was fall, so it was an Autumn face oil (the founder, essential-oil expert/herbalist/acupuncturist/former aesthetician Annee de Mamiel, hand-makes one for every new season). But I wasn’t paying attention—the season went right by me, as did any information about where it came from or who made it…

Face oils can be very similar—they’re moisturizing, they leave a glow, they can (wrongly) terrify an oily-skinned person, and they’re brilliant for just about any skin type, for hydration, super-nourishment, and reviving your makeup during the 4pm slump, but de Mamiel’s are next-level. I noticed the next-levelness the second I tried the Autumn one: My skin felt instantly thicker and more elastic, healthier and happier. And it looked glowier and smoother.

Each season, I wait for the next one (I’m always out by the time the new season arrives): This one, for this spring, is just heaven: jojoba, rosehip, milk thistle, juniper, geranium, grapefruit…but the ingredients aren’t the half of it. DeMamiel and her co-workers (all luminous living advertisements for their blends) meditate, sing, and pray over the various oil mixtures, hand mix them in small batches on a farm. Whatever the reason, the proof is right there on your face when you try it.