10 Ways to Feel (and Look) Better Naked

Written by: Megan O’Neill


Updated on: November 15, 2023


There’s real power in feeling good in your own skin. Which is why many of us have adopted the practice of spending a little time being naked with ourselves in the quiet of the early morning (it’s a brilliant trick that can shift the arc of the whole day—we learned it from Erica Chidi, cofounder and CEO of the sexual and reproductive health brand LOOM). Lavishing yourself with ultramoisturizing body cream, velvety self-tanner, infrared heat, and even a miracle oil for pubic hair makes sense in much the same way. Here, our guide to softening, smoothing, and gorgeously glowifying yourself from head to toe.


Exfoliate for full-body glow.

Sweep away dead skin to leave your entire body instantly smoother and softer—not incidentally, this can also help bring you out of the maelstrom in your head and into your body. The perfectly dense bristles on this dry brush feel like heaven on skin; apply enough pressure so that it feels invigorating. It’s especially great before a shower or bath. Once you’re in the shower, deepen the exfoliation and ramp up skin moisture with this scrub swirled with skin-coddling oils.

  1. Brush

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  2. Two-in-One Bodywash and Exfoliant

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Moisturize with purpose.

Chidi’s brilliant advice—to spend a few minutes each day with your naked self—is a life-changing habit to get into. Standing, sitting, or even lying down works; be sure to grab a great moisturizer to smooth yourself down with. The point is self-affirmation—to energize, regroup, and relax—so there’s no particular massage technique to know. Our favorite creams and oils nourish skin and spirit, moisturize like crazy, and smell fantastic.

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  2. Sexy Hibiscus-Scented Oil

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  3. Melting Moisturizing Bar

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  4. Silky Retinol Treatment

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Combine moisture and exfoliation while your skin is still wet.

This two-step regimen—a luxurious cleansing body scrub plus a nourishing body oil—is a foolproof route to smooth, soft, glowing, subtly scented skin.

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Give yourself a foot massage before bed.

This is a habit that we swear makes the next day go better—it also feels fantastic. Kneading your heels, which rarely get a break, feels especially great. As above, there’s no particular technique, but do it once you’re in bed so you’re not getting up and slipping on the floor. (This cream sinks in quickly, though.)

  1. Foot Cream

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A subtle tan works airbrush-like magic.

If your skin tone needs evening out, there’s nothing like a light self-tan. Self-tanning water or foam easily approximates a gorgeous out-and-about summery radiance, leaving skin gleaming and evenly burnished. It’s beautiful on legs, arms, the face, or all over, and the results are even better with your clothes off.


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Sweating it out can look better than makeup.

The surge of energy and the invigorated flush you get from a rigorous workout or doing a lap in the park is unbeatable for glow, as are heat treatments like infrared saunas. This sauna blanket is a brilliant at-home solution, and the infrared mat—designed with pulsed electromagnetic fields and layered with crystals—is fantastic for yoga, Savasana, and lounging around naked doing the Chidi-prescribed body check-in.

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If your hair looks great, you look great, naked or clothed.

Nourish your hair with great products and it’ll be immediately smoother, less frizzy, and more radiant. This winning combination of softening and detangling treatments works for all textures, from kinky and curly to fine and straight, and even helps rehab damaged hair.

  1. The Better-Hair-Right-Away Treatment

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  2. Scalp-Massaging, Hair-Softening Shampoo

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  3. Ultramoisturizing Conditioner

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Treat your face, too.

Exfoliate regularly (gauge how often your skin can handle it), nourish with face cream or oil (as the days get chillier, we love layering oil over cream to lock in moisture), and finish with a few spritzes of an ultrahydrating spray (do it throughout the day for an instant freshening effect).

  1. Ultimate Exfoliant

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  2. Nourishing Moisturizer

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  3. Rich Face Oil

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  4. Skin-Boosting Spritz

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Give your pubic hair some love.

Whether your vibe is completely hairless, trimmed and shaped, or a won’t-be-tamed bush, the best body-hair-grooming miracles give you options. Fur Oil, a blend of conditioning botanicals, leaves pubic hair silky and also easier to remove, while the shave cream’s whipped texture and moisturizing botanicals allow for a close shave and minimal ingrowns. The sleekly designed, beautifully sustainable Well Kept razor is our all-time favorite.

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When you smell gorgeous, you feel gorgeous.

Sexy, airy, mysterious, and just incredible on skin, this scent from The Maker mixes white musk and passionflower with crisp white orris. Spritz it on and smell absolutely enchanting all day (or all night).

  1. The Maker
    Naked Eau de Parfum
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