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Clean Up Your Shower with Our Favorite  Essentials

A puffy face on a groggy morning, an achy body after a workout, a scattered mind after a long day: There are few things a steamy shower can’t fix. But the very thing that makes a shower so delightful—hot water coursing over your body—makes you more vulnerable to potentially harmful ingredients that your shower products might contain. Wet skin absorbs significantly more of what you put on it, and heat can intensify that effect further. And whatever you’re using (shampoo, body wash, scrub) comes into contact with a relatively large percentage of your body (where, say, eye cream comes into contact with relatively little).

Switching to the good stuff is worth it for those reasons alone, but beyond simply being free of potentially harmful ingredients, the best clean shower essentials steep your body in botanical oils and extracts that can naturally lift mood and moisturize skin (conventional “moisturizing” shower products often contain high levels of SLS and other detergents that can negate the effects of the oils added to the formulas). From a lymphatic-draining dry brush and a silkifying hair mask to a brightening facial and a palo-santo-infused body oil, these are our favorite mood-altering, skin-hydrating, sinus-opening, day-resetting ways to make a steamy shower even better.


Hair Mask
for (Amazing)
Lasting Shine

  1. Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask
    Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask goop, $58


Infused Body Oil

  1. Everyday Oil Everyday Oil Everyday Oil Everyday Oil
    Everyday Oil Everyday Oil goop, $48