Four Beauty Gifts We Want for Ourselves

Four Beauty Gifts We Want for Ourselves

Presents are delightful, whether you’re getting them or giving them. And the fail-safe present, no matter whom you’re buying for (including your own self), involves self-care. The ideal item is one a person might hesitate to splurge on for themselves, something that inherently carves out a restorative moment of self-indulgence as it’s being used and also looks really great. The beauty of most beauty- and self-care-related presents is how they feel particular and personal in a way that (much as we love them) kitchen towels and flower arrangements rarely do.

If you’re a guest anywhere this summer—at a beautiful dinner party, an incredible summer house, or a BBQ on someone’s roof—bring a fantastic bath (or five), a box of indispensable balms, a universally enchanting candle, or a set of the freshest, most beautiful flower waters to spritz anywhere (pulse points, sheets, even cocktails).

  1. Best Lip Balm Ever
    (in Three Shades)

    These cushy, citrusy balms are all over the goop offices. Super moisturizing, they condition skin like nothing else and feel so smooth going on. Use No. 1 for lips, for cuticles, or to fix flyaways. No. 2 and No. 6 flatter most skin types: They’re sheer, natural-looking, and so lovely.

  2. Olio e Osso 3 Balm Gift Set Olio e Osso 3 Balm Gift Set
    Olio E Osso
    3 Balm Gift Set
    goop, $75
  1. Three Gorgeous Summer
    Fragrance Waters

    These subtle, ethereal fragrances from groundbreaking fashion designer Behnaz Sarafpour are a modern version of the ancient Persian tradition of flower waters. Each of the gorgeous, single-note perfumes is made with just two ingredients: fresh flowers harvested the moment they bloom, and water. The scents—rose, jasmine, and orange blossom—are simple, clean, and so pretty. Spritz the pure, airy essences everywhere—pulse points, all over your body, on your sheets, and especially in your hair, where it’s surprisingly long- lasting.

  2. Behnaz Fragrance Flight Behnaz Fragrance Flight
    Fragrance Flight
    goop, $150
  1. The Candle No Human
    Being Can Resist

    This has to be one of the most stunning candles we’ve ever seen—or smelled. The subtle but entrancing scent wafts through the air even before the candle’s lit, in much the same way you smell a scent on a person only when you’re close to them. As it burns, the supremely relaxing, Ayurvedic essential oils—chamomile, lavender, vetiver, rose, and geranium among them, all grown on a centuries-old family farm that supplies natural oils for some of the world’s most famous fragrances—smell even more gorgeous. Beyond the stunning scent, the botanicals encourage a blissful calm, and just looking at the chic packaging makes us smile.

  2. UMA Pure Calm Wellness Candle UMA Pure Calm Wellness Candle
    Pure Calm Wellness Candle
    goop, $68
  1. goop Baths (All Five of Them)

    A moment of respite, revivification, coming back to yourself, and detoxifying both physically and emotionally is a moment that improves just about every person’s life across the board. A single beautifully packaged goop bath gives you the opportunity for three such transformative moments; a stockpile of them is pretty much the ultimate self-care luxury.

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