Ask Jean: Vacation Oils?

 Ask Jean: Vacation Oils?

Dear Jean, I know you’re a huge fan of body oil. Do you travel with it? I’ve had some seriously not-good suitcase accidents. —Lena S.

Dear Lena, Oils generally require near-OCD levels of checking and re-checking bottle tops, and careful padding within suitcases—things I was willing to do, until, purely for the visual, I decided to bring this glamorous, tropical-looking silver tube of Goe oil balm on my trip to Tahiti.

Though I was surrounded by monoi (a mix of Tahitian gardenia, steeped in coconut oil) and other frangipani/jasmine/coconut concoctions from the minute we landed, the Goe, because it’s clean/100% natural/plant derived, is subtler and thus far more sophisticated. (Inject a little artificial frangipani/jasmine/coconut fragrance into even the most beautiful Tahitian monoi, and the cloying results are something you end up having to wash off.)

The Goe smells like a vacation—not in a Coppertone-y way, but a faintly floral, almost humid way. (Think of the pink-gold, warm air of Joan Didion in Honolulu.) It feels smooth and sexy going on; somehow the Goe formulators have mimicked the softness and slip of chemical silicones and other texturizers, using only healthy, nourishing oils. The oils (there are 28 of them) are bursting with antioxidants, not to mention deeply moisturizing, and though the balm feels cushily thick, it sinks in instantly.

Goe melts at 88 degrees, so I’d put it in a Ziploc, unless—and this is the option I would choose—you bring an unopened tube with you on the plane and commit fully to using up the entire thing while you’re away. I guarantee you will have the most deluxe vacation ever, as will anyone who accompanies you, if you’re at all inclined toward a massage before bed. You won’t need perfume, you won’t need body, face, or hair oil, your limbs will gleam subtly, and you’ll walk around in a dreamy cloud of coddled-ness.

Order two, though, so there’s a fresh supply upon your return—you’re going to want it, believe me.

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