Aire Ancient Baths: Weirdly, A Perfect Third Date Destination

There are plenty of spas where you emerge feeling as if something that was broken about you (cellulite, wrinkles, acne, toxins, etc.) has been at least temporarily fixed. But you’ll leave Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca knowing that what’s great and decidedly un-broken about you is in full, super-sexy, supremely relaxed force; that nothing, actually, needs fixing.

Descend the candle-lit stairs in your bikini* as the steam swirls around you, and no matter what body issues and/or stress you normally experience, your sense of calm—not to mention your self-esteem—should instantly skyrocket. Soak in the many baths (all sorts of different temperatures, from hot to ice-f-ing cold to a sublime extra-salt version where you float like you’re in the Dead Sea), steam in the glass steam room, sip cucumber-and-lemon water or glamorous teas while you lounge on warm marble benches. And most importantly, there is no better lighting situation on this earth: full body candlelight, with the softening filter of steam. The atmosphere is very Temple of White and Black (from Game of Thrones), with a splash of sleek, luxe modernism and a sultry-but-unobtrusive flamenco soundtrack.

Definitely get a massage—they lead you away at some point during your session for what is surprisingly one of the best massages—at any price—in Manhattan. (You can get packages with different-length massages included in the two-hour bath price, which is $77 during the week and $87 on weekends.) And when your two hours are up, the locker rooms and showers are fully stocked, wildly clean and full of helpful staff.

This is an especially amazing spot to go with a significant other, but it is also super fun with friends or family—who does not enjoy feeling relaxed, happy, modern, with a sense of vaguely European (or Middle-Eastern? Worldly, in any case) sultriness and je ne sais quoi?

*You don’t have to wear a bikini at all. Whatever you wear, however, you will feel and look super-sexy in!

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