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Acme Feed & Seed
101 Broadway, Downtown
Even though it's the central hotspot for a lot of Nashville's live music scene, South Broadway's huge bars can skew touristy and get overwhelmingly rowdy at night. Acme Feed & Seed's bold challenge to that stereotype has been really well received so far, offering the familiar multi-level bar and live music experience in a cleaned-up, modern style that draws a local crowd. The first floor of the space features a store with locally crafted goods and Acme-branded pantry items, plus a restaurant with a fast-casual menu of Southern-inflected dishes like Redneck Lo Mein with collard greens and an andouille soy glaze, a Down Home Falafel Sandwich, and flavorful ribs. The vibe is more casual upstairs on the second level, which has a built-out bar and lounge, a small-bites food menu, and a sushi bar. The live music space occupies the third floor, where the calendar is filled up with a solid lineup of local bands (it can also be rented out for private parties). The open-air roof at the top of the building is privy to some of the best views in the city, and you can come in…
411 Gallatin Ave., East Nashville
There was a little bit of a local panic when beloved East Nashville dive bar Dino's changed hands in 2015, as locals feared the ages-old joint would lose its original charm. But the revamp (besides making the bathrooms significantly nicer) hasn't changed much at all. The brick facade and Coca-Cola sign on the exterior are still intact, as is the casual menu and the famous, classic diner burger. Like always, the menu is cheap and the bar is beer-only.
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