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Park Bar
58 Calçada do Combro, Bairro Alto
Park Bar was once a rooftop parking lot (and it's still perched on top of one), to which it owes its ample space and concrete floor, but little else: This sleek, hip spot is completely transformed with wood furniture, nice evening lighting, and—like many others of Lisbon's best—a great view of the Tagus River. While a drink with this view is enough of a reason to stop by, Park also has a steady rotation of live music, good DJs, and outdoor movie screenings.
Bairro Alto
Pensão Amor
19 R. do Alecrim, Bairro Alto
The name of this eclectic spot translates roughly into “Love House”, a reference to its provocative past: The intimate little bar was built inside an 18-century bordello. Elaborate décor reflects this heritage, with furniture upholstered in rich red velvet, frescos spread across the ceiling, and walls adorned with mirrors, vintage paintings, and posters of burlesque women. (The club also features live burlesque shows, in a room appropriately decorated in gold and leopard print.)
Bairro Alto
1 Rua Marachal Saldanha, Bairro Alto
In the same building as the Pharmacy Museum, the owners of Pharmacia went long on their theme. The walls here are lined with medicine cabinets, each filled with antique pill bottles, vials, and boxes of medication. The food (a classically Portuguese menu) is perfectly good, but we really come here for the cocktails, named for prescriptions (Ibuprofen, Morphine, LSD) and served in beakers. Anything on ice is brought to the table in a first-aid-kit-turned-ice-bucket, and water is served in an Erlenmeyer flask. Ask for a seat on patio, which is flanked by old, pastel-pink buildings and looks out over the water.
Bairro Alto
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