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Franklin Bar
112 S. 18th St., RIttenhouse
This is one of those places where you can literally feel the history once you walk in–and it's obvious why: It was once the site of one of the largest-running underground alcohol operations during prohibition, using "The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company" as its front. The drinks still run today, but with a much more artisanal bent: The bar staff serves up some of the best cocktails in the city, including an Old Fashioned that can't be missed.
Standard Tap
901 N. 2nd St., Northern Liberties
Considered to be sort of ahead-of-its-time, this gastropub opened New Years’ Eve of 1999 and has been a local favorite ever since. (It's not exactly a secret, though, so there are plenty of out-of-towners at any given time.) Standard is known for a constantly updated and varied beer selection that only includes locally produced draft beers; but the vibe is unpretentious, and the split-level building is comfortably both large and cozy. As a bonus, the pub’s food is pretty great, if you’re in the mood for indulgent classics like chicken pie and pulled pork sandwiches—and the kitchen is open until 1 a.m.
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