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El Arco
Cabo San Lucas
A visit to the very end of the peninsula where the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean meet is a necessary trip for anyone visiting Los Cabos. While it’s admittedly touristy, the El Arco rock formation (locals say it looks like a dragon taking a drink of water) is breathtaking. You can hire a water taxi for sightseeing, or a glass-bottomed boat or kayak for a more hands-on adventure. The wildlife, including a healthy colony of sea lions and plenty of birds above water, makes the trip a no-brainer for littles.
El Triunfo
On the way up the coast toward La Paz is El Triunfo, a tiny, formerly abandoned 19th-century ex-gold and silver mining town that’s absolutely worth a quick stop. It sort of feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere, and well, it is, but that’s part of its ghostly charm, which explains why so many people are buying up the abandoned miner’s homes. Head into town and have breakfast at the very cute Café El Triunfo, which is known for its unreal European-style breads and awesome cinnamon buns (plus great thin-crust pizzas later in the day). After that, head out for a walk in the former mining complex to see all the abandoned buildings­—Gustave Eiffel’s tower included—and the local desert vegetation. Serious mountain bikers can also take the bike trail, which leads deeper into the dessert. End the day at El Minero, a craft brewery that serves up incredible sausage sandwiches and award-winning paella that’s made over an open mesquite fire. The space itself is a great example of just how beautifully these abandoned buildings can be modernized.
Estero San José
Estero San Jose, San José del Cabo
Estero San José is located in the wetlands where the San José River and the ocean meet, creating a brackish environment that attracts hundreds of species of birds and fish. The protected area offers plenty of hiking trails for observing the wildlife, but you can also do it on horseback or rent a kayak, which gives a different perspective of the herons, egrets, pelicans, and cormorants that make the quiet preserve home. Ask your concierge to arrange.
La Paz
A two hour drive from Cabo, La Paz is a slightly scruffier city that makes up for it with incredible sea life and a generally chilled out pace of life. Start your day with a big Mexican brunch at Maria California: Chiles rellenos, huevos a la Mexicana, enchiladas, the menu at this café is extensive, and the food delicious. You’ll need the sustenance in order to head out on the water with Baja Outdoor Activities: They organize packed itineraries (that are great for all ages) on the water, from kayaking out to see the nearby mangroves, to snorkeling and swimming with sea lions and whale sharks (if they happen to be in the neighborhood). Otherwise, head further up the coast to Balandra beach, a great little cove with beautiful rock formations, clear, shallow water, and not too many tourists. Back in town, the best restaurant for fish tacos is the Birmarckcito (Alvaro Obregon, between Constitucion and Hidalgo), a no-frills local favorite right on the boardwalk. And, if you’re not driving afterward, head to La Miserable for a deep dive into artisanal mezcals from around the country.…
Monuments Break
Next to Misiones del Cabo Resort
The name "Monuments" is a reference to El Arco and the surrounding cliffs—both clearly visible from the break. It’s a very rocky spot with a lively urchin population to keep an eye on even at high tide, so it’s best suited for the experienced surfer (if you didn’t lug your own boards get a rental at any of the shops in Cabo San Lucas). Getting here is easy: just type in hotel Misiones del Cabo into the GPS and tell the guard at the gate you’re looking to surf. You'll want to park above the break, next to Misiones del Cabo Resort.
San José Arts District
Jose Maria Morelos, Centro, San José del Cabo
Nestled behind the historic main square and church, San José’s arts district is definitely the best place to shop for souvenirs and authentic Mexican artwork. While there’s an enormous selection of local art, you’ll also find pieces from nationally known artists and even some international contemporary artists. If you’re in town between November and June, stop by on a Thursday night, when they close the street for a weekly art walk.
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