There are several ways to get to this lodge-style restaurant in an idyllic valley surrounded by the Elk Mountains, and none of them by car. In the summer, guests can bike or walk along a dirt road, and in the winter, cross-country skis and show-shoes (for those too beat from a day of downhill or simply too lazy, there’s also a horse-drawn sleigh). After all the hard work, you’ll be greeted with a round of Hot Toddies and locally-inspired cuisine, with dishes like sautéed rainbow trout, North American buffalo tenderloin, and their famous momo’s—stuffed Nepalese dumplings that are a Pine Creek specialty. The convention is to make a reservation during the day, when you can enjoy the views of the surrounding valley, but there’s something utterly magical about quietly making your way in the dark, with the moon and stars lighting your way.

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