The French Girl Beauty Formula

It’s easier than it might look. And harder, because it’s 100% about great skin, and the confidence to show off that skin. To get yourself in the mood—and mood has a great to do with French-girl beauty in general—consider the incredibly fast, fun, smart read that is How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are by Caroline de Maigret. You’ll devour it in something like a half hour but it will alter your perspective; you’ll feel sexier, more relaxed, and significantly more confident when you’re done. It, unlike the following, is not a step-by-step. It is an attitude adjustment. The following should work, however, attitude or non:

Step 1:

Skincare. Creams, oils, tonics, cleansers. Put all your effort into amazing skin. (see: Cleansers; see: Face Oils).

Step 2:

Little to no foundation—just concealer where you need it.

Step 3:

Smoky liner. Start by tracing along your lashline with pencil or shadow, and use a soft brush to blend the color outward into a thin haze. Start small; you can always go back in with more, making the line thicker or darker. Like riding a bike or ordering oysters at Cafe de Flor, the smoky eye is less about a specific move and much more about adopting the feeling that you already know how to do it.

Step 4:

A natural-but-more-intense lip and cheek. A stain like Tata Harper’s Lip & Cheek Tint ($35, is perfect.

Step 5:

Un-done hair. Like you just rolled over in bed. Or a ballerina bun, for the less-freewheeling.

Step 6:

A personal mix of essential oils, so your scent is utterly unique and personal. Aveda makes exceptional (and utterly clean) ones ($14-$17, depending on the type of oil, ) that blend beautifully.

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